Sunday, August 08, 2010
I Can't Open It - McCormick Sea Salt Grinder

Millie bought a McCormick Sea Salt Grinder because she heard that it was good. Problem was, she couldn't open it!

So she waited for her son Steve to come over to help. In the video she explains her problem.

Watch the results!

Remove cap. Turn upside down and twist.

McCormick Sea Salt Grinder 12/2.12 oz

On the web:
McCormick Compliment - Take this with a grain of SEA salt , Sea Salt Grinder

Secrets in Stereo - Tonight
Used with permission of Josh Ryan

Steve Garfield

I think sea salt is supposed to be a healthier sodium. But I am sure you can Google it and find a more specfic answer. I stopped by because I went to see I Am Love and I have a million questions that perhaps you might try to answer on a recent post...?
Hah! It's been way too long since the last I Can't Open It, Millie. Maybe you could open it this time because manufacturers are paying attention to your videos. Do you think????
Now the only problem I have with my own McCormick Pepper grinder is that it takes about a thousand twists to get a half a teaspoon of ground pepper - sheesh.
Millie, I can't hear this video since my old computer speakers don't work anymore. I'm glad you were able to open it!
SHE DID IT!!!! Don't you love the look on her face when she discovered the secret???
I thought all salt was sea salt. Don't we harvest salt from seas and oceans long gone. We have a salt mine in Arizona, because Arizona used to be underwater. In the little mining town where I grew up there were sea shells scatter everywhere from long forgotten oceans. I'm guessing some areas are richer in minerals than others, and that might make a difference in the mineral content of salt. Then again what the heck do I know :o) !
Another hilarious episode.

Was thinking about you last night as the BBC are re running Mad Men, though I don't know what series. It looks quite early as Peggy only just joined. We don't have the latest series in the UK yet.
less sodium than regular salt! (although i thought salt was sodium, evidently it contains sodium..or something) -
hilarious! I can't open those either!
As I recall from high school chemistry - one of three things I remember from high school chemistry - salt is simply sodium chloride. Perhaps sea salt is more pure than salt that's been lying around for awhile or it has more iodine in it. I have no idea what's up with grey salt.
Well, you opened it so now you are a pro. Good for you.
Hi Millie.
I came by to point you to my birthday greeting (HB, btw) and had to look at your latest "I Can't Open It" video.

The primary differences in the two products is that natural sea salt has lots more minerals and no additives such as anti-clumping stuff.
Here are two links about sea salt: one from the Mayo Clinic, and one from a complementary medicine site. I'd take them both with a 'grain of salt'...(sorry, I just HAD to...)

AND...go by my place and see what I left for your birthday. It's here:
and I think this comment will link to it, too. HB Great Lady.
My first visit. I got here from Darlene's Hodgepodge. What a lot of fun. And happy birthday too.

Sea salt may or may not be better for you. Often it has other stuff in in, depending on how much the manufacturer has purified it. Those other elements may be good for you. A lot of cooks think that sea salt has superior flavor. I find as I age that my taste buds don't work quite as well as they did when I was young, and I can't tell the difference from one salt to another.
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