Sunday, August 29, 2010

In order for me to get to visit a friend of mine who is in a rehab I had to take the MBTA ride. I still drive but the rehabilitation center is located in an area that I am not familiar with. When I called to book the ride, I told them I wanted to be at my destination at 3:00 p.m. and be picked up for the return trip at 4:30 p.m.

The night before they called me to let me know that the driver would pick me up at 1:30 p.m. ( by car it would probably take 45 minutes) Since I am not the only passenger, they schedule the ride according to where other people are going and make the pick-ups accordingly. One person had to be dropped off and another had to be picked up. That way you get a grand tour that you could do without.

There was an exception to what I just said. I was born in the city of Chelsea and this was my destination. I haven't visited Chelsea in years and if I didn't know where I was I would think I was in a totally foreign place. We drove down the main street which once was the main shopping center of the city. As I remember "Broadway" - there were dress shops, shoe stores, a bank, a coffee shop, a movie theatre, a bakery and a 5 and 10 cent store.

I saw nothing familiar - a few grocery stores and a number of "cash your check stores." I have been out of Chelsea for a good 50 years so what can a person expect? Change happens.

Even with that grand tour I did arrive at my destination at 3:00 p.m.

"The Visit"

My friend is at the Leonard Florence Center for Living. This rehabilitation center is the nation's first urban model Green House. All residents have their own bedrooms, bath and shower. A few feet away is a large dining room, living room and kitchen.

When I entered the lobby I felt like I was walking into the large lobby of a beautifully decorated hotel. To the left I saw a cafe, a bakery and a Kosher deli.

As the brochure said, "these amenities allow you to literally "get out of the house," socializing with family, friends and others in the community."

I checked in at the desk and was told my friend was on the 5th floor - I didn't get her room number and thought, when I get up there I would ask at the desk. Surprise - there is no nurses station - it still looks like a hotel - The floor is divided into two sections, each section has 10 rooms. I finally did find someone who directed me to her room.

She's getting the best of care, is in good spirits and hopefully will be able to return to her home in the near future. By the way, with all the good things that the center offers, it still has one improvement to be made - the food has to be better!!

Update 8/30:
Boston Globe: Model homes - A ‘Green House’ in Chelsea provides skilled or elder care on a family-like site

What a lovely place for your friend to recuperate! I'm glad she's doing well and you had a nice meal

And I swear that these places need to hire a chef -- even cheap food can be palatable if properly prepared. I'd probably be camped at the kosher deli. Yum!

I drive doctors crazy when I'm in the hospital because I simply can't/won't eat anything but breakfast and the nurses snitch on me. 'grey meat' ain't my cuppa.
If I ever have to go to rehab, I hope it looks like that!! But I've seen nothing like it around here, and more's the pity! I'm glad you got there on time, despite the tour.
The Green House concept sounds like a very pleasant alternative to regular rehab and nursing homes. Thank you for the guided tour Millie.
I know she enjoyed you visiting her. Looks like a beautiful place to recup. Blessings sent to you Millie.
What a snazzy looking place.Super place to heal
Hi Millie,
The Leonard Florence Center for Living looks beautiful. The environment and surroundings helps a person recuperate and heal faster. Everything looks so positive.
You show a great deal of caring to put the effort in to visit your friend. I am sure that you helped make her feel much better!
Glad you found your transportation system satisfactory. One of the major concerns I hear from some here has been excessive travel time due to all the pickups. Usually arrival times okay, but the return trip can have a really lengthy delay.

Also, am interested in your Green House impressions. The retirement community I serve is constructing a Green House, is busy educating staff about it. I talked with Administrator the other day and he tells me the Rehab. therapies will be able to serve The House if the need arrives. Even though I'm contract vs employee he said they'd likely want to involve me at some point before they open it.
Hi Millie,

Thanks for visiting my Mom and for the post about the LFCL. I know she enjoyed seeing you. I don't think the food has improved, but she has adjusted a little to it.
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