Sunday, August 15, 2010

Years ago when I was a child the admission price to get into the movies was .25 cents if you were under twelve years of age, over twelve you had to pay a few pennies more. Most children never got to be older than twelve!

Entrance to a movie house, Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee,...

The same thing was true on street cars, the older you were, the more you had to pay. This happened in the 1930's, money was tight and every nickel mattered.

On the other hand if you asked a child how old they were they would say, "I'm 10 1/2, going to be eleven soon. They were anxious to be older!

In my case if you ask me how old I am, I'm happy to tell you I'm going to be 85 in a few days.

When I was a lot younger I would not like to reveal my age. Funny how things change.


This afternoon I attended the Bridal Shower for a young lady who's fiance is the grandson of a life-long friend of mine. I haven't seen her children and grandchildren in many years so this was a very special occasion for me.

I saw her children grow up, have children of their own and now "the children" are getting married! That's when you really see how "Time Goes By."

The guests were mainly women in their 20's and 30's wearing what is in the height of fashion these days - VERY short dresses, some dresses were strapless and the shoes were either high wedges or very high heels.

Even when I was younger I never wore a heel like that!

The future bride and groom had a great time opening their gifts which included a crock pot, a skillet and a wok. The groom was especially pleased with those gifts, it appears he's going to be the cook in the family. Now he's wondering where they are going to store all those wonderful gifts.

Kimberly Wright Shower

That should be their only problem!

The afternoon flew by with much enjoyable conversation about "remember when," a delicious brunch, a clever special bingo game and the unwrapping of all the presents.

Don't worry Adam, as time goes by you'll find a place for all those goodies!

Thanks everyone for the Happy Birthday Wishes! It's always exciting see all the comments from everyone!

I'd like to share this photo that Claude posted on her blog for me:

Somehow we always find spaces for things, don't we? I remember when I paid 35 cents to get into a movie - oh how I love the idea of that!!

My grandmother lived to be 92, and she was very proud to tell people how old she was.
Hi Millie,
I remember getting .25 cents on a Saturday when I was 12 or 13 years old to go to the movies.
I wanted some money for candy
I would not put on any lipstick and get a child's ticket and use the extra money to purchase sweets!

Enjoy your day!
So the magic number is 85. Let me wish you an early Happy Birthday and many more. I remember also the 1/2 year we all claimed to feel older. Now I wonder if that was the wise thing to do.
MILLIE, I have a surprise for you on my blog today - come and see!!
Millie: I also have a surprise for you!!!! Hugssssss!!!!
How I remember being humiliated when the smart aleck girl in the ticket booth accused me of lying about my age and almost didn't let me in. I was still eligible for the cheaper price, but I was tall for my age. I think the cost of admittance for us was a dime. That's all the money I had so if she hadn't relented I would have been stuck on the street while my friends went in.
Sweden says "Happy Birthday", Millie!
Happy Birthday Millie. Judy sent me.
You set a great example - I just had me 80th so I'll try not to let the side down:)
Judy send me, have a great birthday and many more of them.
From Susan, Lancashire. England
I had a 35 cents a week allowance in the forties. Cost me 16 cents for an occasional movie matinee but I never bought popcorn or drinks. Saved my money for other things during the week -- maybe bubble gum if available (rationing) -- also, so I could go roller skating on Sat. afternoons sometimes.

Stop by my blog for a special message when the spirit moves you.
Happy birthday Millie!
Happy Birthday!! I'm so young I'm just beginning to enjoy "senior" discounts. They give you a small break at either end and grind you up in the middle?

Many happy returns of the day!
Kenju sent me and I want to be sure to add my congratulations to your birthday !
Happy, happy birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, Millie!
Wishing you a fantastic day today, and good health and great happiness for many years to come!
Thank you for sharing with us.
It's a special day, Millie, so I have a surprise for you over on my blog.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MILLIE, and big fat hug to go with it. There's a little something at my place for you:

Also another something from Marion Vermazen who is away from home today, but asked me to let you know. You'll find it here:

Enjoy the big day!
happy birthday, dear Millie
Lots of love
Happy Birthday, Millie!!!!! Hope your day is terrific.

Your blog means so much to many, many people. Keep up the good work!
Millie, I did leave a little something on my blog, but it seems that 23hq, the company that now holds my photos, is doing some job on their site, so I hope it won't be too long. Happy birthday anyway!
Have a wonderful birthday, Millie. You bring joy and inspiration to all of us who read your blog. Now I am wishing for your day to be filled with joy.
Happy happy birthday Millie.
Thank you for all the pleasure your blogs brings to us.
Happy Birthday, Millie! Ronni told me it was your birthday. Come to my blog. I made a card for YOU!
Hi Millie......I just wanted to wish you a wonderful 85th. You go girl. :)
Happy Birthday Marvelous Millie. I hope you enjoy your day. ~Joy
Happy 85th Birtday, Millie
Happy, Happy birthday, Millie!

Bithday wishes here!
Can't figure out what went wrong with the link but here's another...
I'm happy that you're celebrating such a milestone without hip pain. Isn't it grand to have something new to wear :^)

from another Steve (blogging since 9-1-1996)

Happy Birthday Millie, Ronni told us about your 85, hope you have an excellent day.
Happy Birthday Millie!
Once again, with pleasure, here's a Happy Birthday wish, Millie. Enjoy more of them as our representative of the I-can't-open-them" challenge. -naomi
Happy Birthday, Millie. Lots of love from a fellow Octogenarian.

Please go to my blog because I have something for you.
Wishing you the happiest of happy birthdays, Millie. I love love love your blog. I've left you a smile at:

I, too, never got over being 12 at the movies or on the train! Thanks, once again, for the memory.
Have a wonderful 85th Millie!

I found you by way of "Time Goes By" and I enjoyed my stroll thru your past posts :-)

Now I'm looking forward to reading your new posts over the coming year ~ here's to 86!

Judy sent me and I'd like to add to the many Birthday wishes. Just think at 85 you are hardly broke in yet(my story and sticking to it). Not all that far behind you and wishing you a terrific day and year.
Happy Birthday, MIllie! Have a great day.
Happy Birthday. You are AMAZING :)

Barry Porter
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to you, Millie.

You inspired me to be more dedicated to posting in my blog. I always wanted to be a writer, and now I write every day. You taught me it's never too late to "just do it".

When I grow up, I want to be just like you! You're a pip! ;)
Happy Birthday, Millie! And, many more.
85 and still going strong. May you have many more happy and healthy years ahead.
Drop by to pick up another birthday greeting!
Happy Birthday, Millie, and many happy returns! I hope you're out having a great time :)
I am so glad that I found your blog. I will be 70 in a few days and two of my best friends turned 85 this year. I like to get the views on life from all ages of folks. I will return. -- barbara
Millis - I could not get on your site early this morning.
So it is evening in my area and I want to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Hi, Millie! Happy birthday. Here's a present for you:
Wishing you all the fun and excitement that only a BIG birthdays can bring
Happy Birthday!
a follower from Vienna/ Helga
love your jewish lessons
Wishing you a happy birthday!!! May this year bring you all the happiness you deserve.
a follower from Vienna /Helga

love your jewish lessons
Happy Birthday wishes. And congrats on your energy and enthusiasm. You are a great example for women everywhere. I am visiting you from Ronni's blog Time Goes By.
Happy Birthday! I think I have to learn how to kibitz, too, I would be happier.

Have a great birthday - you look fantastic!

Dear Millie,
Thank you for your time and energy in writing this wonderful blog. You always make me smile. Your positive attitude is a true inspiration.

I wish you (and us) many more years of sharing and blogging.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILLIE! This is my fist time to your blog site, courtesy of Ronni Bennett, and I am pleased to be able to share in the joy of your special day. I look forward to reading your postings and I wish for you a joy-filled celebration today and every day.
Congratulations and happy birthday!
Millie, Did you see my blog yesterday? I made a birthday post for you and only got one comment. I will leave the post open today so you can see it if you wish. I hope you had a great birthday.
Happy birthday!!! I hope to be there someday.
Found your blog via Ronni Bennett. Cheers to you and belated happy birthday!
Hi Millie,When I was much younger I went to the movies by collecting tonic bottles which the refund was 2cents and use them for admission.

Want to wish you a Happy, Healthy 85th Birthday!
adding belated but birthday wishes but with lots of hugs! your fan, toby
Somehow we always find spaces for things, don't we? I remember when I paid 35 cents to get into a movie - oh how I love the idea of that!! My grandmother lived to be 92, and she was very proud to tell people how old she was.
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