Saturday, September 04, 2010
Recently a new Newton North High School opened up in the wealthy community of Newton, MA. When they first started working on the project the estimated renovation cost was $40 million, but because of the many problems they ran into it was decided to start fresh. The total cost was a cool $197 million!

The new high school features two theaters, an Olympic-size pool, a print shop, an auto body shop, two gymnasiums and a student cafe. (for all that dough, I'm sure there are many more features) Lucky for the students, but tough on the tax payers.

Reading about this new high school got me thinking about the high school I went to in the 40's.

First off, I had to get there - It was probably at least a mile away. In those days the girls wore skirts and ankle socks - I don't even remember wearing a hat or a hooded jacket in the winter.

Today kids can take the bus or drive to school and park their cars in the school lot.

Then there was the relaxed experience of "lunch time." I'm saying that just to be funny! There were two reasons I was not happy with "lunch time." First reason - I had to rush down to the cafeteria because if you got there too late you might not find a seat and the second reason was, before you turned around you had to rush all over again so you could show up on time for your next class.

Then there was "the gym experience." Oh, how I hated gym! After the class which was held in the basement, you had to take a shower. That wasn't so bad, but my next class was on the fourth floor!! You couldn't cheat on the shower because Miss Brenner, I still remember her name, would check the students by feeling the back of their necks.

By the time I got to my next class I could have used a shower!

Re-reading what I just wrote, I realize that I never liked to rush, it's just not my nature.

When I have an appointment I plan ahead and allow enough time so I don't feel stressed.
In high school I could not control the situation and had to go by the rules.

Some adults who should know how to manage their time still end up "rushing." How about you?

Oh how I relate to your 1940 something high school experiences. I too HATED gym. and we HAD to play a sport. I got assigned to basketball. Ugh all that running around and for what.
the only thing I really enjoyed was working on the school newspaper and the annual.

If it weren't for good friends high school would have been the pits. ;)
Somehow, even in 2010 dollars, that much money seems a tad too much for a high school. I would be pissed if I were in that school district!
Cop Car
I hate to be late for anything, so I usually time myself just right - except when I get on the computer and can't seem to get off...LOL

That's a beautiful school; I hope the kids who go there are able to appreciate all the amenities.
My high school was in a small town in Michigan with no pool and our auditorium was also the basketball court, and the lunch room. Our Home Ec. room had some sewing machines, some kitchen appliances,and utensils. The gym class was always a pain with your weaknesses at throwing,catching, guarding ,and etc shining brightly for all to see. It was also the place to learn how small minded and catty some females are. But basically I like my high school years, believe it or not.
Why does a school need a pool? If we spent that money on the poorer schools we wouldn't have the drop out problem that plagues school districts now. Some schools have leaky roofs, inadequate heating and cooling while the schools in rich districts get county club buildings. What's wrong with this picture?

I'll bot you had to walk to school uphill both ways. ;-). Sorry, Millie; I couldn't resist.
I graduated in the class of '65 and our school was nicknamed "the country club" partly because because it was big and bright and new and partly because several of the wealthiest neighborhoods in our county were located there. I always joked that I was one of the token poor except that it wasn't a joke.

The one they have now is enormous and elaborate!!!!

I hated high school.
Hi Millie, I remember walking to school in the cold,snow and rain with similar attire. However you forgot to mention the books in a duffel bag. I always had many books to carry. We never had rides to school.

I'm not complaining just stating the facts. this non pampered lifestyle made us tougher to face situations and take care of ourselves.

Thank you for taking me back to the 1940's
I went to high school in the early '60's and it wasn't much different your experience. I did take a bus because it was really 5 mi to school.
I had a feeling the gym teacher was a CIA torture specialist.
Do HS kids really 'need' all that stuff?
Must be one very rich neighborhood.
Lets go to popular,and we have to buy goods.
You sure triggered some memories as I recall my school years in winter's "snow country." City living, country living, walking, school buses -- the whole shebang. Gym I liked except when they used it for the girl's basketball team to practice. Plus, I hated the one piece outfits we had to wear.
Your memory of how we were dressed when we took those long walks to and from school is amazing, Millie! Students are bundled up to the eyebrows at the slightest chill nowadays. We just had those little ankle socks and dresses...Perhaps a little jacket. I don't recall feeling cold, though I must have been(and I lived in the Pacific Northwest)...
There is something wrong with having to spend 197 million dollars on a building when teachers are being let go left and right.
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