Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recently a local store has been advertising a "huge " mattress sale so I thought, "I've had my mattress for a very long time, this might be a good time to buy a new one."

What an education I got! I had a very well informed and helpful salesperson.

The mattresses are much deeper and higher then what I have. They also do not have handles on the sides which makes them easier to flip . When I asked him about that he informed me that since 1999 they do not make them with handles because these new models do not need to be flipped!

Every mattress I tried felt very soft but firm at the same time. I could see where a commercial could say, "It's like sleeping on a cloud." I was thinking, "These are wonderful, I should buy one"

Then I asked the price - mind you, there was a "huge sale" going on.

The price of a twin mattress and box spring averaged about $600.00 not including tax and delivery. The charge for delivery would be $80.00!

It so happens I live across the street from this shop and questioned the salesperson about such a high charge. Well, he explained that the company has a delivery service do the delivering for them but since I live across the street he would adjust the price to $40.00. By the time he totaled up the charges it would cost me close to $700.00.

By this time I was thinking differently and told him I would "sleep on it."


After I left the store I was still thinking about what I could do to make my bed more comfortable. I remembered seeing an ad for a pillowtop mattress pad. If mattresses have changed so much, maybe mattress pads have too.

Sure enough, they are a lot different than what I have now, they are very well padded, maybe that will give me what I am looking for so I decided to buy one and give it a try.

Since the pad is so thick I had to buy a twin sheet set, since the old ones wouldn't go over such a thick pad. The salesman told me that the sheets that are available today are made to fit the thicker mattresses.


When my cleaning lady comes I'll have her put on all this new bedding and just in case it doesn't work out I'll have her fold and put everything back in the packaging they came in.

You know how hard it is for me to "open things" - it would equally hard for me to handle the bulky pad and get everything packed up in their original packages in case it doesn't work out!

Have you replaced your mattress in recent times? What was your experience?

No, but I just told my husband today that it's time for us to get new mattresses. I'm not looking forward to it.
Oh my - I have a story. Moving back to my homeplace and building a small home last year - I thought I will buy myself a new mattress.
I did and I could not stand it. I was told it was firm but it was so soft and like you said I could not turn or flig and it was so high. Told me the same that you were told. I wanted a new one like my old one :) No such thing!!
So I put the new one in my guest area and keeping my old firm mattress that I can handle. Love my old mattress.
I haven't bought one recently for the very reason you changed your mind $$$. The one I do have has a pillow top and I hate it. Trying to put a fitted sheet on correctly without twisting a wrist or breaking fingernails seems to be a trick I, as a 75 year old, haven't mastered yet. Good luck on your new arrangement.
Mr. kenju's bed is a king-size and those mattresses cost a small fortune! I told him that when he has to have a new one, we're getting a queen-size. I sleep on a newer mattress; not with a pillow top, but deeper than the older ones. I have some old sheets I like but can't use because they are not deep enough. I don't blame you for changing your mind, but be sure that your mattress is not too old, or it will not be good for your body.
I spent the = of $ 400 on one of these memory foam mattresses and it seems to have forgotten how to be comfortable.
Yes, I replaced my California King mattress a few years ago and I am supposed to turn it. It doesn't have handles and I have to get someone to help me flip it. I used to be able to turn it end to end before breaking my hip, but it's too heavy for me now. The result is, it doesn't get turned as often as it should.

It's a pillow top on both sides.
I am embarrassed to admit how old my mattress is!!!!!supp
I replaced my (standard double) mattress a year ago or so. I laid down on the mattresses that I was considering to assure that I got one that was hard enough (the one I bought was their next-to-hardest). The salesman explained to me that the mattress was constructed such that it should not be turned (my old mattress was constructed so that it could be used either way). It is to be turned 180 degrees every 6 months. The new is much deeper than the old and, I discovered after the guys had put it in place atop my old box springs, it is made to be self-supporting - without a box spring! (I still have the box spring as it makes the bed higher which makes it easier for me to get into/out of bed.)

Our daughter told me that a memory foam mattress that she and her husband bought, although new, had to be replaced because it did not dissipate body heat and they were dying of the heat buildup! Expensive, buying two mattresses within a short period of time.
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Well...that made a lot of sense. When I said that "it should not be turned", I meant that it should not be flipped over. When I said that "it should be turned 180", I meant that it should be spun about the vertical. Sorry for the confusion.
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