Sunday, September 26, 2010
One of my favorite singers died last week at the age of 82. If I had missed the obituary in the Boston Globe I wouldn't have learned of Eddie Fisher's death. Didn't see anything about it on TV and none of my friends mentioned it either.
LOS ANGELES—Entertainer Eddie Fisher, whose singing career was overshadowed by scandals of his marriages to Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor, has died. He was 82.

His daughter, Tricia Leigh Fisher, told The Associated Press that Fisher died Wednesday night at his home in Berkeley of complications from hip surgery.

Fisher sold millions of records in the 1950s with hit songs including "Thinking of You," "Any Time" and "Oh, My Pa-pa."

His singing and good looks brought him a devoted following with teenage girls.

He married movie darling Debbie Reynolds in 1955 and they were touted as "America's favorite couple." Their daughter Carrie Fisher later became a film star herself.

But amid sensational headlines, Fisher divorced Reynolds and married Taylor in 1959. Taylor dropped him a few years later when she fell in love with Richard Burton.
Eddie got his big break in radio, television and records when the comedian Eddie Cantor adopted him as his protege.

When Cantor promoted Eddie Fisher I paid attention because I admired him and respected Cantor's opinion. It turned out, he picked a winner. Even though I was far from being a teenager at the time I still took a shine to Fisher's looks and his dramatic voice.

I read that one of the promotional gimmicks was to hire girls to scream and swoon when Mr. Fisher appeared on stage. They did that when Frank Sinatra appeared at the Paramount Theater in New York - I don't know whether that was before Eddie or after - anyway it created a lot of excitement and it worked.

I can still hear him singing songs like "Thinking of You," "Any Time," "I'm Yours," and my favorite "Oh,My Pa-pa."

Unfortunately his personal life shattered his stardom and even though he attempted a comeback, it was unsuccessful.

I think it had to be somewhere in the 80's when I saw Eddie Fisher at the Newport Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. That had to be the time he was trying a comeback tour. Well I tell you I still remember that performance! He was Great!!

Remember when Ingrid Bergman had a child out of wedlock - she was banished from this country. Look what's going on today!!

The times they are changing, I wonder if what happened at that time would turn the fans off today. What do you think?

Reading your post today was almost as good as listening to my mom who died awhile ago.
Thanks for the smiles and the memories!
I remember Eddie well and I always loved his voice, but after he left America's Sweetheart for Elizabeth, I never could warm up to him again.
I think the thing that did Eddie in was the fact that his wife, Debbie, was loved so much and her hurt was so obvious the public turned on him for his stupidity in leaving her for a shallow woman.

His death was mentioned Sunday in the obituary portion of "Sunday Morning".
I agree with Kenju and Darlene commented. I was always a fan of his until he left Debbie for Elizabeth.
It almost seems - today - like everything is forgiveable.
Guess I am old fashion. Forgive but difficult to forget and trust again.
I honestly don't know what a person would have to do to not be forgiven. So many mean things are overlooked by the public today that it seems it is impossible to be look upon as bad. But I'm also from the old school and when some one does finally get their comeuppance I can only think that it couldn't happen to a more fitting person.
Yeah, times have really changed. I remember all the uproar about Ingrid Bergman. Eddie Fisher's career would have continued to soar in today's world. There were always other singers I preferred over Fisher, but I appreciated his talent.
Hi Millie,
Thank you for bringing Eddie Fisher back to me for a short while. I loved his singing.
I guess we have to separate the talent and the man.
I enjoyed his talent but do not condone his behavior or morals. Yesterday we had different standards and today ANYTHING GOES!
I guess nothing stays the same and that is too bad when it comes to morals.
I am old fashioned too!
I remember reading the movie magazines back then and scanning the photos. I am sure that like The National Inquirer most of it was made up.
I thought Eddie Fisher was cute.
He and Debbie also had a son named Todd. I don't think he was in show biz.
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