Sunday, October 31, 2010
For the past few years I have been writing about the many changes that I have experienced and observed. Nothing stays the same, not even how boy meets girl!

Nelle B. Stulle (LOC)

I'm no Spring chicken, but I can tell you that before my time when the parents felt that their children were of a certain age they would meet with a matchmaker and leave it up to that person to pair up a couple. The children had no say in the matter! Today, somewhere in this world, that's still the way it works.

Round dance between squares at dance in McIntosh County, Oklahoma (LOC)

When I was a teenager my friends and I would go to house parties that were hostessed by our classmates. We danced to music on a record player, had cold drinks (no liquor) and chips. It was always a fun time!

Tompkins Sq. Park

In high school, we double dated, that's how we got to meet other people. I don't know if the kids today do that or even know what that means.

I'm in the Madmen Office

If you attended college you had many opportunities to widen your circle.

If you went out into the working world, there was another opportunity to meet people.


In the 40's my single friends and I would attend local temples that held dances where we had the opportunity to meet other singles. Sometimes we were successful, sometimes not. That's a whole other post!


In the summer when we had time off from work we would go off to places like Grossingers, Green Mansions or Banner Lodge. Sometimes we were successful, sometimes not. That's a whole other post too!

I digress, but when I think of those times, I always think of the night I first heard Sam Levenson. It was a Wednesday night, he was the main performer, not yet a big star but certainly on his way up, so I can say, I knew him when!!

A cross roads store, bar, "juke joint," and gas station in the cotton plantation area, Melrose, La. (LOC)

Singles today still go to bars to meet but if I had a single son or a daughter I wouldn't be happy about it.

Darwin Dating web site
Darwin Dating web site by Colin Purrington CC BY-NC-SA

How times have changed - now you don't have to leave home, just go on the computer, find the site that fits your requirements, register and start your search.

I know a few couples who have found their mates online, are dating or have married.

One of the couples were living in the same city, same development, and lived across the street from each other! Now they are happily married!!

If anyone out there is looking to make a connection, an online site sounds like the way to go.

It's worth a try!

If you have had an experience using this "method", I'd love to hear about it.

Actually you can even date ON the computer...but that is also a WHOLE OTHER Post. Liked the nostalgic photos.
You say there are some places in the world where matchmakers still arrange marriages -- actually, we should not think the majority of the world is like we in America -- millions of couples still have arranged marriages, sometimes it works, sometimes it's misery ... but we can say that about modern American marriages too, can't we? The difference is, we can get divorced if it's really bad; that's not true many plces.
Hi Millie, thank you for letting me travel into yesterday. I feel today dating on the computer is so impersonal and cold.
I am glad I do not have a young daughter or son who is looking for a mate.
It seems so dangerous to meet on the computer however i know a few people who have met and married.
Everyone has to be lucky to meet the right person.
This was a very interesting Blog post.
My daughter met her first husband in college and her second husband online. The second one is far better than the first was!!

I know at least one couple who met via computer and they have a terrific marriage. After reading each others blogs for years, they knew each other well before they met in person.
Because I was a teenager at the same time you were my experiences were a lot like yours. Most of us met GI's at USO dances and I had a few boy friends that I met that way.

Some of my classmates went steady, but that never happened for me. The other place I met guys was the roller skating rink and the tourist town of Manitou. Those were the days.
Yeah, recall those days. Girls had to have a date for lots of social functions, but was amazed that had changed with generations after mine. Seems they go out in groups and just "meet up."

My public school Jr. High and High School years had few social affairs in the Southern State to where we had moved. The school board was run by a segment of a very large Christian religious denomination (present today, running Presidential and other political candidates) that didn't believe in dancing and other ordinary things. I survived.

There are bars and then there are bars, so would want to be selective about ones to go to and with who -- whom -- whatever.

Met a contemporary Italian acquaintance a few years ago that had an arranged marriage. She and husband raised family, then lived apart, but didn't divorce. He supported her really well and they continued periodic contact associated with their adult children, and young grandchildren.

Know there are adult singles groups as a Boomer divorced neighbor was in one. They had regular gatherings that rotated to various persons houses/apts, etc.

Haven't known anyone into online dating, nor am I inclined to sign up with any of those senior type dating sites I've heard mentioned. Suppose they could be interesting. Wonder if they're prominent in Florida where so many elders live?
I support Internet Dating. I one and only husband I first met was through online :) Well, each to their own yeah.
My experiences with dating are very similar to yours and
Darlenes. My husband my first love. Then divorced at 40 years and dated a lot. I found it very uncomfortable. Was a new experience. Have not remarried and sometimes wonder if in the 70's if it would be nice to have a special person in my life. Many have shared about online dating but guess I am not comfortable with that. Guess I truly feel if I am to meet someone for these last years it will just happen.
Both of my children met their current loves through the internet. But neither on an internet dating site. Unconventional my kids. Don't know where they get it from~
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