Sunday, November 21, 2010
A Jewish Joke Could Win Millie an iPad

Video Title: Millie's Yiddish Class: A Jewish Joke


Steve here.

My mom entered this Jewish Federation of the North Shore video contest to win an iPad.

Here are the rules:
VOTE NOW for your favorite #ish video!

Watch the eight #ish video entries on Facebook.

Then vote for your number one video choice either using the Facebook form or by emailing

Voting runs from November 16 through December 1. The top three winners will be announced on the first day of Hanukah-December 2.

Votes must be accompanied with email and video title to be considered valid.

ONLY one vote per email per day will be counted.

The First place winner will receive an Apple iPad, the Second place winner will receive an Apple iPod Touch and the Third place winner will receive an Apple iPod Shuffle. Prizes are generously sponsored by Lowell Gray.

For more information contact Liz Donnenfeld at
It's ironic that this contest has similar rules to Dancing with the Stars.

It ends up being a web popularity contest.

It's up to you to decide how you want to vote.

Thanks for considering voting for my mom.


Click here to vote for my mom via email.

It'll start an email for you that looks like this:
Subject: "VOTE: Millie's Yiddish Class: A Jewish Joke"
Body: "I'm voting for Millie's Yiddish Class: A Jewish Joke"
Feel free to customise the email however you'd like.

You can watch more of My Mom's videos on YouTube.

Millie - I'm going to vote but I wanted you to know your expressions made the joke for me.
Too funny, Millie! I hope you win. (I voted)
My Jewish joke has to be told as if it happened to me... I was driving up through the town the other day when as I came round the corner, I clipped an old Jewish man and he fell into the gutter. He lay there and I took off my jacket and put it under his head while we waited for the ambulance.

Are you comfortable I asked.

I make a living, he replied
Funny joke! Do Jewish men think it's funny, too??? Agree -- your delivery really enhances your joke. Hope you win! I got a laugh from Keith's joke, too. Henny Youngman, where are you???

Everyone I ever told this joke to thought it was funny, I even laugh every time I play that video!

The interesting thing about the joke that Keith told is a joke that I have heard many times and he lives in England!!

I know we share books, music and film - but jokes??? I guess most everything is worldwide.
I voted and will vote again!
I just voted for Millie .
Haha good one Millie!

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