Sunday, December 05, 2010
UPDATE on the Jewish Federation of the North Shore "ish" video contest:

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to vote for me and am happy that you enjoyed "my joke." The news is, I didn't win. "C'est la vie."


Mom Goes to Florida
Photo: Millie at the airport

This is it, my last post before I fly off to Florida for the winter!

I want you to know how lucky you are:

You didn't have to make all those telephone calls to stop & start newspaper deliveries, stop and start phone service, disconnect cable and internet service, stop and start mail delivery, visit your internist, dentist, podiatrist, make arrangements for the car to be transported to Florida buy airline tickets and decide what to pack for the season.

I do think I did better this year, didn't take quite as many clothes as previous years. One reason is that before I packed the items I tried them on.

Oh my goodness, lots of clothes did not fit! Hopefully I'll find some clothes that fit while I'm in Florida.

I've been complaining about the shops here in the North. The clothes that I find in the stores are manufactured in places like Hong Kong, Indonesia, and countries I have never heard of, and most are made of cotton and SPANDEX!

Maybe people in those countries can wear spandex, but not the average senior.

Now all I have to do is clean out the refrigerator, change the linens and do the laundry.

Mom's Fridge
Photo: Refrigerator

Looking forward to the time when I get on the plane, just relax and do nothing until I get to Florida AND THEN I have to connect the computer, go food shopping and UNPACK!

Mom's Home buying Jazz Apples!
Photo: Shopping

See how luck you are - all you have to do read my blog and you to can have the Florida experience without leaving home.

I know, I know - in some cases you will have to deal with the freezing cold weather and shovel snow. ;-)

Whatever you do - Enjoy!!!

Yes, do think of us as you're enjoying sunny Florida. :)

My daughter just peeked over my shoulder and commented, "Neat refrigerator." I noticed that, too. And we both noticed that you eat the same brand of hummus as we do.

I agree, you are very organized and clearly eat well for cooking for one. Congrats. I will be in Florida this winter for a few weeks and will be thinking of you while staying with a friend in Ocala. Last winter (as you will recall) the weather required coats. Please keep it warm for us until we get there.
Hello Millie! I've been reading your blog via my GoogleReader since you started. Can't remember how I happened upon it, but I really enjoy it (and voted for your joke!).

Don't know exactly where you are when you come to FL but we live in NW part of the state, about 15 minutes from Destin. Most of the year it's beautiful, but tonight's low is 30. Egad...tomorrow night's expected low is 25!!! Bring your long johns!
Anita and Tabor

I'm sure a lot of readers are going to wonder about the huge amount of food in that photo of my refrigerator.

Well, I have to set the record straight - that photo was taken LAST winter in Florida when I had Steve and Carol visiting me.

I'm a big eater but not that big. ;-)

I'm on the East Coast, Delray Beach.

Last winter I rarely wore light clothing, mostly slacks and jackets.

Fortunately it was never in the 30's but it was a cool season. I have packed sweaters, jackets and vests.

Hope I don't need them but one never knows!
Millie, I hope you have a safe trip to FL and find the weather fine and the shops full of things that fit!
Millie, have a great trip and enjoy the warm weather.
Take care, stay healthy, and enjoy your winter.
You're so lucky. I can't stand the cold weather anymore.
I live in Phoenix, Arizona, I'm not going anywhere, temps for the next few days are going to be high 70s. I paid dearly for these beautiful fall days having survived the summer's 117° days :o/ !
Hi Millie, you make it look so easy on your blog to relocate to Florida.

It seems to get harder each year.
But when the transporter comes to pick up the car with everything in it, suddenly a new burst of energy comes in to my body!
It is really a RELOCATION not a VACATION!
Florida is wonderful in the winter because I loose my aches and pains there. I also have loads of fun!
Enjoy your winter in Florida!
Love Nanci
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