Sunday, December 26, 2010
Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
the wind is not delightful,
since I have someplace to go,
Let it Blow!, Let it Blow! Let it Blow!

I just couldn't resist writing the above paragraph (with tongue in cheek.) ;-)

The weatherman reports that it is a very windy and cold afternoon and predicts that it will get much colder tonight.

This cold spell will not keep me home. My plan is to bundle up with a turtleneck, vest, jacket and gloves and go forth into the wild blue yonder!!

la neige n'a pas fondu partout
la neige n'a pas fondu partout by Bertrand Eberhard CC BY-NC

Parts of the country are being hit with huge snowstorms.

Funny, the thing that just came to my mind about snowstorms is the aftermath.

When my son was little I would get his snowsuit on, take him out for some fresh air, and no sooner were we outside, it was just so cold that we had to go back into the house AND I had to take his snowsuit off. What a job!!!

How do today's mothers deal with getting their kids into and out of their winter clothes?

Have things gotten easier?

The decision has been made, I'm going to get into my "skivies" and fight the wind!

Depends on whether it is just cold weather of snow. Snow suits are still the battle of the zippers before they pee themselves. Other winter wear can come off quite easily. Please start warming that state up! I hope to arrive in Ocala in early February.
Millie, I hope you bundle up enough. Be careful, you don't want to get sick!

It's 31* here now and all the snow and water on the roads will make the morning here a horrible mess. Car body shops must love this weather!!

If I could control the weather I would!! I've had the heat on ever since I came to Florida!!

It's a good thing you are not coming here until February, chances are it will be warm by then.

For your sake and mine. ;-)


Hope you don't have to drive on the roads when they are icy. Take care.
How brave you are!!! It snowing in Ohio -- as usual!!!!
It's chilly in Paris, we haven't had snow for the last three days, but have to expect more. Snow is NOT my favourite thing, nor is winter.
Don't you go catching a cold, Millie!

You're the brave one - you're the one that has to go out in the freezing weather to do your errands.

Recently the mornings here are in the low 30's but by the afternoon it warms up. If it weren't windy it wouldn't feel so cold.


I've been reading a lot about the weather in Paris lately. Read they even had to close the Eiffel Tower, flights were canceled and road conditions were bad.

Here in Florida the only problem we have is - it's cold and at time very windy.

Everything is relative.

Guess you will have to wait until Spring for any traveling!
I remember those snow suit days also. In out in out. And the snow suits were a pain to don.
I wonder also if it is any easier for today's mom's amd if the wee ones still wear those bulky suits.

Happy New Year Millie.
MIllie, I am so delighted to have discovered your post. Stay warm, the weather is frightful in many places. Hopefully you are in sunny Florida. Dianne
Did you get blown away??? It's 2011 now and expect you're still partying.

We're getting ready for some more rain out here -- only had a couple days of Calif. cold weather (as opposed to Boston-type) with sunshine. You know that cold rain will head East but don't know if it dips to Florida. Heard your orange crop damaged by freezes unfortunately.
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