Monday, December 20, 2010

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One thing for sure - the temperature in Florida has not gone up since I've been here, we've even had heavy rains yesterday. I've worn turtle necks, vests and jackets for days, just the other day finally just wearing lighter clothes so it's getting somewhat better.


Got her Carriage Back

It seems that the markets down here are very happy with the arrival of the snowbirds. They know we need EVERYTHING so they up the prices of their merchandise. They have sales to entice us to buy more but "buyer beware." "Buy one, get one free" so - it may not be a good deal if you are paying a lot for one!


Buick Eight

I know gas prices all over the country are high but Florida has to be one of the states that gets the prize for what it cost to fill up your tank. I just paid $3.09 a gallon - I don't drive any great distance down here but for the working person who has to drive to work, it is costly.


The Oatmeal

Years ago you could get a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner here in Florida for a very reasonable price. That was a long time ago. Now the best deal in town is "BREAKFAST."

I'm not an early bird but when some newly arrived friends invited me to join them for breakfast I said "yes."

I had a small bowl of oatmeal served with raisins and brown sugar, two sunny side eggs, a toasted bagel, cream cheese and all the coffee you want for $3.59!!

The thing is I don't like getting out that early and I don't need or want a big breakfast like that. I won't do that again, I'd rather have my calories later in the day.


Movies Edited with Final Cut Pro

The one thing that is "DOWN" here in Florida is the price of a movie ticket. Up North I have paid as much as $9.50, and that's a senior ticket!

Here in Florida a movie ticket is $5.00 for a senior!! Anytime!!

Finally got to see Mao's Last Dancer - Movie got a poor review but "word of mouth" has kept the movie in one of the theaters here in Florida for the past FOUR MONTHS. It's a dramatic true story and if you love ballet, you will love this movie.

Another movie that got a poor review was Burlesque but "word of mouth" brought people into the theater, me included. I could have missed it. To quote one reviewer, "a ridiculous musical." I felt bad for Stanley Tucci who had to take part in this film. He did the best he could with the material.

What's up in your neighborhood?

Sorry you're cold, Millie but it's snow anf 14 degrees in Ohio so it sounds balmy down there. Glad you're getting out and about!

Sorry you're cold too. After hearing what your temp is I can't complain - no way!!
Gee, your weather sounds like ours in Southern California L.A. area. We've been having cold temps (for us,) rain 24/7 with varying degrees of intensity for days now. Only a couple weeks ago we were setting high temperature records.

We pay about the same high gas prices as you and have for longer than I care to remember.

Have a local movie house with same rate as you. I stopped eating out much about a year or so ago as part of a voluntary regimen I adopted that I'll write about after the first of the year. Had been eating out all the time for several years before. Don't know if prices have gone up on meals or not.

Supermarket prices seem to be pretty stable here, but I wouldn't be surprised if they edge upward. Wonder if the cold is impacting the Florida citrus?
Here in Atlanta last week we had 13 degree nights. Brrr. So cold we had our first burst pipe on in the garage going to the outside faucet.

Plumber came and repaired it to the tune of $280. But worth it to get the leak stopped. This week has been warmer.

I am glad you are all settled in
for your Florida time.
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Are movie tickets just lower for seniors in Florida...or lower for everyone?
Bluest Butterfly

In most theaters down here the senior price of a ticket is $5.00 anytime.

I have not noticed what it is for someone under 65.

Off the top of my head I would say it's maybe a dollar more. Nothing like what it is up North!
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