Sunday, March 27, 2011

There's a pool party at sunset - everyone mark your chair with a towel
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If you plan to visit Florida in the winter the best time to go is in MARCH. The weather has been perfect! If you want to shop, explore, play golf or tennis, take in some shows, go to the giant flea markets or just sun yourself at the beach or at the pool, this is the month to visit.


hangin' w jason
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Back home I might go out to eat once a week - here I go out at the drop of a hat. I play Mah-Jongg on a Monday. Who wants to go home and cook or even heat up something at the end of the day so someone is always looking to eat out.

The trouble with that is it can become expensive, not only does the money go out, the calories go in! There have been times when I say, girls - not tonight.

On Wednesday we go to an afternoon movie - after the movie who wants to go home and cook or even heat up something. (I know I just repeated myself but I did that to make a point. ;-)

Saturday night is a different story - we usually plan to go to a concert or movie and out to dinner. Most of the time I come home with a doggie bag. That helps the cook in the kitchen!

There are times when I meet friends for lunch or dinner depending where they are coming from. Most people I know who come from a distance don't drive at night so we meet for lunch.

I still drive at night if I am familiar with the area.

In my area the street signs are unusually LARGE and brightly lit. That is a big help to the majority of seniors who live here. (me included)


CN Symposium (143)
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The other night I arranged to meet some friends at a local restaurant. The hostess wanted to seat us near a large party of about twelve noisy people. We asked to be seated some distance from that group.

We were happy with our table, it was in a quiet area of the dining room so we able to have a good visit and enjoy our dinners.

During our meal a woman approached our table, looked at me and said, "I think I know you." I looked at her blankly and felt that she must have made a mistake. She didn't look familiar to me.

When she told me her name I realized that I DID know her! We hadn't seen each other in 50 years!! We were active members in the Lynnfield-Saugus chapter of Haddasah back in Massachusetts.

Once she told me her name, I looked more closely and recognized her blue eyes and her voice. We were so excited to see each other.

Only in Florida!!

Sunday, March 06, 2011
It's not his birthday, our anniversary or any special date in our lives together, it's just a day that I have been thinking about him a lot.

Many times over the sixteen years that Aaron has been gone I think and remember our times together. We shared the happy and sad times, helped each other through thick and thin, and made the most of the time we had together.

Wedding Toast

If he were alive today and I could ask him a question, I'd ask him this: "What were the happiest days of your life?"

I think the first answer would be:
"When my son Steve was born and I watched him grow up to be the person he was becoming."

Aaron and Steve

The second answer would be:
"After I retired and started spending winters in Florida
I had an opportunity to get away from the New England winters, make new friends, explore new places, try new things and share quality time with my wife in a new life experience.
I wish I could get him to confirm what I just wrote, but I really think that's how he would have responded.

It seems that the longer he's gone the more I think about him.

Little things happen and they remind me of him.

For example, just yesterday I told a friend of mine that she would have to make the call on Monday to the community center to reserve her space for a movie that will be showing next Wednesday. (I usually make the reservation for us but I will not be able to attend that movie)

Her response to me was, "Remind me on Monday."


When that situation presented itself to Aaron he would say, "I'm reminding you now!" And that's what I said!!!

My usual "nice self" would say, "Ok, I'll remind you on Monday," but it came to me loud and clear - "I'm reminding you now."

She was shocked!!


My husband was "a map man."

Before we set out on trip, he studied the map, and knew exactly how to get where we were going, never had to stop and ask for directions.

What brought this to mind is my friend and I recently went to visit a friend who lives a distance from us. We got directions, followed them but somewhere along the way we got lost, stopped and "the nice man" put our destination on Goggle, gave us a print-out and we got there, took us two hours where the trip home only took forty-five minutes.

Never would have happened with Aaron.

These are just a few of the things that come to mind about my husband - oh yes - and his favorite song was, "You Made Me Love You."

Me too.

"You Made Me Love You."

Millie and Aaron

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