Sunday, March 27, 2011

There's a pool party at sunset - everyone mark your chair with a towel
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If you plan to visit Florida in the winter the best time to go is in MARCH. The weather has been perfect! If you want to shop, explore, play golf or tennis, take in some shows, go to the giant flea markets or just sun yourself at the beach or at the pool, this is the month to visit.


hangin' w jason
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Back home I might go out to eat once a week - here I go out at the drop of a hat. I play Mah-Jongg on a Monday. Who wants to go home and cook or even heat up something at the end of the day so someone is always looking to eat out.

The trouble with that is it can become expensive, not only does the money go out, the calories go in! There have been times when I say, girls - not tonight.

On Wednesday we go to an afternoon movie - after the movie who wants to go home and cook or even heat up something. (I know I just repeated myself but I did that to make a point. ;-)

Saturday night is a different story - we usually plan to go to a concert or movie and out to dinner. Most of the time I come home with a doggie bag. That helps the cook in the kitchen!

There are times when I meet friends for lunch or dinner depending where they are coming from. Most people I know who come from a distance don't drive at night so we meet for lunch.

I still drive at night if I am familiar with the area.

In my area the street signs are unusually LARGE and brightly lit. That is a big help to the majority of seniors who live here. (me included)


CN Symposium (143)
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The other night I arranged to meet some friends at a local restaurant. The hostess wanted to seat us near a large party of about twelve noisy people. We asked to be seated some distance from that group.

We were happy with our table, it was in a quiet area of the dining room so we able to have a good visit and enjoy our dinners.

During our meal a woman approached our table, looked at me and said, "I think I know you." I looked at her blankly and felt that she must have made a mistake. She didn't look familiar to me.

When she told me her name I realized that I DID know her! We hadn't seen each other in 50 years!! We were active members in the Lynnfield-Saugus chapter of Haddasah back in Massachusetts.

Once she told me her name, I looked more closely and recognized her blue eyes and her voice. We were so excited to see each other.

Only in Florida!!

How nice that your old friend recognized you after all those years!
Wow. You haven't changed in 50 years? I would be flattered if someone recognized me from that many years ago.

I wish I could eat out oftener. If I get to go out twice a month I think I have lived it up. You have a wonderful group of friends in your second home.

And you still drive at night? I am really impressed. I quit driving at night when I was in my 60s. You are a real wonder woman, Millie.
Sounds like you have a wonderful Florida time. One woman I know controls her diet by only eating half of a meal when she eats out and takes the other half home in a doggie bag. She's been doing this for years, before she retired, and it's not a budget issue.

Great to make a connection from so many years ago and in such a unique way.
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