Thursday, April 07, 2011
Every birthday is special but when you hit a number like "70" it's really special.

Our blogging friend, Ronni Bennett, from "Times Goes By" is observing her birthday today.

birthday cake
Happy Birthday Cake. Photo by freakgirl cc by-nc-nd

I had the good fortune to discover Ronni's blog soon after I started blogging, what a find that was!

She was writing about what it was like to get older, in a serious way and sometimes in a humorous way.

At other times Ronni writes about issues that are important to seniors. She also writes about her work and life experiences - so interesting!

To this day, she writes about all of the above and once in while throws in a surprise post. I love those!!

After following her for some time, I really felt I knew her. That's the way it is, when you read someone's blog for a while you really "do know" them.

I have only met a handful of bloggers and one of them happens to be Ronni. When she lived on the East Coast we met for lunch one day and it was like meeting an old friend.

Ronni Bennett and Millie Garfield
Ronni and Millie

If you haven't read her blog, go visit and discover a great lady.

If you are one of the lucky ones who reads her blog, go over and wish her a happy birthday!

"Ronni, enjoy the cake and have a very happy birthday!"

Oh, Millie - what a lovely post. I think you are the first blogger I got to know well. And how lucky for me.

Thank so much for the wonderful birthday greeting.
Just found you through Ronni's blog! How fortunate for me!
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