Monday, May 16, 2011
What is a blog?
That's the question I asked my son about seven years ago. After he explained what it was, he asked me if I would like him to set one up for me. About two weeks later I had my own blog and have been blogging ever since.

Millie Garfield - 82 Year Old Blogger
Millie Garfield featured on ABC World News with Charlie Gibson

When I started, blogging was in it's infancy and unique for someone in their seventies! What did I know?

It took a while for me to have a following and to find blogs I was interested in reading. Then I found Ronni Bennett's blog "Time Goes By."

Ronni helped me find a community that I could relate to, share ideas with, and develop virtual friendships.

Blogging is a two-way street where the blogger writes and the reader comments!

Chris and Millie
Chris Brogan and Millie Garfield

In those days I don't think there was a term like "Social Media" but that's what we were participating in.

Social Media
Social media can be many things - blogging, video, facebook, podcasts, flicker, twitter, YouTube and more!

Video Blogs
I love doing videos, especially the ones about "I Can't Open It."

Last year on my way home from Florida, I elected to have a bag of Stauffer's Animal Crackers which I decided not to have during the flight. I tried to open the package when I got home.

Steve and I made a video of that opening, "I Can't Open It: Stauffer's Animal Crackers from JetBlue."

Well a funny thing happened ONE YEAR later!

I received an e-mail from Stauffer's telling me that while they were in the process of making a new video for the crackers on YouTube, they found my "I Can't Open It video", and wanted to send me some animal crackers, in a container that would be easier to open, in appreciation for the plug!

The company uses their videos as an advertisement, and then they get feedback from their viewers.

Here's the video we did upon receipt of those delicious crackers!

When I think back about what Social Media was seven years ago, it seems to me that it was in it's infancy, and now it's a teenager.

What do you think?

You seem to be ahead of the wave on this blogger thing, Millie. It is nice to see an elder at the forefront of a social tool.
I enjoyed this post, Millie. Watched all the videos. You and your son stumbled upon a good thing for you. May you be blessed to continue for as long as you want.
You're my hero, Millie!!!!!
Oh Millie, you are a hoot. and famous too!!
Hi Millie, I really feel you're "Modern Millie" because you're in the future and " ahead of the wave" as Tabor said. You are keeping up with the times and the younger generation.

I enjoy and love learning from you and keep the Socialization going through the different media!
Hi Millie, your son introduced us to you and your blog and videos at BlogWorldExpo yesterday. I love everything that you're doing! I wish I would have known about you sooner, I just did a presentation about reaching the 50+ marketplace at the conference and would have liked to feature you as a case study. Perhaps for the future? I'd love to keep in touch. Keep up the great work!
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