Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When I arrived at the airport from Florida, Steve picked me up and since it was time for dinner we headed for a new restaurant, which had opened up while I was away. I had heard good things about it and was eager to try it.

A friend of mine had eaten there and had nothing but praise for the place - it is located right across the street from where I live so it certainly was a convenient place to get to. She said it was a very attractive place and even though it was a storefront restaurant she said the interior looked like what you would encounter in "The Big City."

She did say it was on the pricey side but what the heck, you only live once!

When we arrived at the mall we saw the restaurant and upon entering, my impression was, "this place is attractive but it doesn't look like what my friend had described to me."

It turns out we were in another restaurant that had opened up while I was away. It's called "Aikia Steakhouse: Japanese Asian Restaurant & Bar" and was right next door to the restaurant that we were supposed to be in, "City Bar & Grill."

Aikia Steakhouse

Two restaurants had opened while I was away! I didn't know that!

Well to make a long story long, we had the greatest time!

There are cooking stations where a large number of guests watch the chef prepare their food. Tables for small parties are also available.

Surprise - there are also private booths which have rice paper doors! That's where the waitress seated us!

Aikia Steakhouse Booth
Image: Private booth with rice paper doors

Reminded me of some movies that I have seen where the lovers have a secret rendezvous.

The food we had was great!

Sliced Filet
Image: Sliced Filet with a Flower

Aikia Steakhouse Salmon Sushi
Image: Salmon Sushi

On our way out we stopped and watched the chef as he put on a fantastic cooking show!!

What a great mistake we made!


Hi Millie,
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Glad you're safely home! Looks like you had an awesome lunch!!!!!
Welcome to Japanese food. I think you will like it. Be sure to try various things on the menu as they are all very different, I am sure.
Your meal and surroundings sounded great. Know you are pleased to be home..
Wow. That looks like some place in L.A. Is this really Boston? I guess everywhere is getting to look like everywhere else in this great country of ours. Well, it's nice and clean and new and the food looked very Japanese.
So next time you'll try the other new restaurant?
I love mistakes like that!! Glad you are back home safely and that you had a good experience.
Where do I begin? Any suggestions would be appreciated - nothing too spicy. ;-)

For Mother's Day my son and daughter-in-law took me to "that other restaurant" - it was good but not as good or as much fun as "our mistake one."
very good you are meal is very good and its sound and taste is delicious
You always have such a good time. would love to share lunch with you some day anna z
would love to have lunch with you sometime. would be so much fun
Thoroughly enjoy reading about your dining out ect. would love to have lunch with you sometime
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