Sunday, May 01, 2011
I've been home for about a week and a half now and am just starting to get my feet on the ground.

Going away for the winter doesn't get any easier, as a matter of fact as time goes by, it gets harder.

The good thing about getting home is that Steve picks me up at the airport, we bring my travel bag and laptop up to my condo, take a look around and see that everything is ship-shape and then go to the supermarket for the staples.

My Plant is Gorgeous
Mom's New Plant
Image: Mom's New Plant

What a surprise he had for me!

For many years now he and Carol have been the caretakers of a large plant that needed looking after while I am gone.

Before I left for Florida they took a sickly looking plant home with them. We all wondered if it was going to survive. They both have "a green thumb" but sometimes no matter what you do, the time comes and you just can't save it.

Well, that time came and what do you know, he brought me the most gorgeous plant, bigger and better than the old one ever was!!

I was living in a dump but didn't know it!
Mom's Home! Panorama from AutoStitch
Image: Mom's Home!

When I opened the door to my place and looked around, every room looked terrific, I exclaimed to Steve, "I was living in a dump but didn't know it!" He said, "Ma that would make a great post, write that down so you'll remember just what you said."

So that's what prompted this post.

My rental in Florida is comfortable, but the furnishings are from a past era. The development is one of the oldest around. It's not Boca!

The condo is located near family and friends, near the movies, restaurants, community center, library - you name it, it's all there for me!

Goes to show you, looks aren't everything, it's what you do with what you have that counts!!

Millie, I guess a dump is not a dump when it's in good surroundings! If you love everything else about it, what else matters? You could buy some new furniture for it, couldn't you?

It's a completely furnished condo. The only things I have to bring from home are things like my favorite towels, a few pots and little things that make life comfortable.

If I owned it, that would be a different story.
I live in a town that looks like a dump to people from fancy places but which is in fact really nice. You don't have to dress up. Things are cheap. And the senior center lacks what many expect in the way of amenities but is always full of happy people doing fun things.
That, as they used to say, is where it's at.
Of course it's Hilo, Hawaii!!!

I know exactly what you are saying - you are coming from the same place that I am but you are lucky!

You don't have to pack up every winter and get to that wonderful place.

You are there!!
Makes you appreciate home.
Maybe it's attitude that makes a place a dump!
I look forward to your posts each week.

Words to the wise and good to remember. Happy to hear you got home safely and all is well. I look forward to your posts. Dianne
No matter how humble, there is no place like home. Truer words were never spoken. Your home is far from humble, though. It is just perfect for a woman living alone.
What mother wouldn't want a son like your Steve.

I have a son, John, who is also pretty special.

For instance, John rushed over from his house yesterday to help ( read lift) me up after I fell going down the stairs. I have been down the stairs several times since the surgery but his just wasn't my day.

Husband ,Sam, tried to lift me but to no avail. When John got here he took charge and got me up onto the bed.I don't seem to be any worse for wear. It just scared the bejesus out of me

God bless our Sons for their strength and caring and concern.

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