Sunday, May 22, 2011

When I left Florida in April it was getting really hot, now I understand that some days are in the 90's. I wouldn't like that!

Here in New England it's been cold and rainy most days.

Foggy Boston

What surprises me is that I really don't mind it. I'm still wearing my turtlenecks, vests and jackets, and that's okay with me.


Since I'm been home I've only seen one movie. I've seen a few movies on TV and one series on HBO that I want to rate.

While I was in Florida I used an Orange Rating System.

Since it's baseball season I'm going to use a Baseball Rating System

A Single | A Double | A Triple | A Home Run

MOVIE - Water for Elephants A Double

It's about a veterinary student who abandons his studies after his parents are killed and joins a traveling circus as their vet. What I enjoyed most about this film was it was set in the depression era. When the circus came to town they would parade through the streets and than pitch the tents where all the action took place.

I remember sitting on those backless boards and watching the performers. That was pretty exciting!

TV Movie - Bugsy - Made in 1991 A Triple

Movie starred Warren Beatty and Annette Bening - What a sensational pair of actors, perfect for the roles of hot tempered Bugsy Siegel and his wife Virginia.

It's the story of how Bugsy started building in Las Vegas when there was nothing there.

TV Movie - Eddy Duchin Story - Made in 1956 A HOME RUN

Tyrone Power plays the role of the famous pianist and band leader of the 1930s and 1040s.

I forgot how handsome Tyrone Power was way back "when", not only that, he was a great actor. He was 41 years old when the movie was being made and had to portray Eddy as a young energetic fellow. He was amazing!!

HBO Series Mildred Pierce A HOME RUN

This series was playing on TV this winter while I was in Florida where I do not have access to HBO.

Once I got home I was able to get it "on demand." Kate Winslet took the role that Joan Crawford played in the 1945 movie.

I was so hooked on the story I watched the whole series in one sitting.

The heroine has to support herself and her girls during the depression era. Fortunately she makes a mean pie, becomes very successful but life is not a bed of roses for her.

What a story!!

Is there such a thing as a Double Home Run?

I love the movies but there hasn't been anything worthwhile. Am I missing something?

I get Netflix and I'm trying to recall the movies I liked a lot recently. Lately I'm into comedy and I loved "Secondhand Lions" with Robert Duvall and Michael Caine (without his British accent). It was rowdy and funny and they seemed to be having a boatload of fun.
I also liked Duvall in "Get Low" in which he plays an old mountain man/hermit who decides to plan his own funeral. "The Blind Side" won Sandra Bullock an Oscar in this film based on a true story. It really touched my heart!
I appreciate your reviews, Millie. I really want to see Mildred Pierce, so I hope they repeat it.
What a great post Millie. I'm not a big movie goer any more but I found your review most interesting. Please keep it up.
Millie: I love you! I wish I could have your sunny personality without a mean bone in your body!
And on your recommendation I will watch the new Mildred Pierce. I loved the original, my all time favorite movie, and if the new one surpasses that, well...
I've added "Secondhand Lions' to my list of "to see movies." I've been a fan of Michael Caine for years - anything he's in I must see!

Now that I've seen the "new Mildred Pierce" - I'll be on the look out for the original.

Oh, and thanks for the compliment!
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