Monday, June 27, 2011
I recently got together with a group of friends that I have know for over fifty years. We don't have the opportunity to see each other very often but when we do - boy there is a lot of catching up and reminiscing going on, mostly reminiscing.

When we started talking about the time that we were newlyweds the conversation turned to the cars we owned.

I love to talk about that time in my life.

We were newlyweds with a lot of expenses and very little money so buying a car was out of the question.

Before my husband married he lived at home with his sister and mother. They had a family car and did many things as a family. Aaron used the car to get to work, and when he had a social engagement.

SO the arrangement was that we would SHARE the car with his sister and mother.

Aaron would have the car during the week so he could get to work and his sister would take a bus to get to her job.

We shared the car on the weekends.

I was not happy about that.

After a few years we were able to buy our own car!! Hallelujah!!

We bought a pink and white Chevy Bel Air off the lot, it was certainly not my choice of color but it was what we could afford.

Okay, now we had a car - that was a great step forward, but what about me.

When I wanted the car for the day I had to drive my husband to work, and that wasn't bad, but the thing was that he had to be at work at 7:30 a.m!

I wasn't happy about that and only took the car when I really needed it.

Well better days were coming!

My sister-in-law bought herself a new car and we bought the old car from her.

Happy Days! I finally had wheels of my own!!!!

Freedom at last!!

What was the first car you owned?

I remember when I was a kid and we only had one car. I thought it great fun to take the bus downtown to go shopping! Eventually, she learned to drive and we got a second car so we could get around more but I can't help but think how much fun we had on our days downtown.
I think our first car was an old wreck that should have been retired to the junkyard years before. I don't remember the make or model, but I do remember how cold I got in the winter waiting for the heater to finally put out a little warmth. We would be half way home before that happened.
I remember that old Chevy. We were driving through Sandwich, Mass on Cape Cod and I decided that our car was a pink pickle in Sandwich.

I also remember picking up the carpet on the back seat floor and seeing the road. I was little so I didn't know it was dangerous. i used to take pebbles and put them through the hole and see them bounce off the road.

Then we took the car in for a Massachusetts auto inspection, and the inspector put his foot right through to floor in front of the two back seats.

My dad had metal plates installed.

After many years the engine died and I remember selling the car to the garage mechanic for $2.

The next car we owned was a 67 Pontiac Tempest. I loved that car and took over my mom's job of driving my father to work, and getting to have that car for the day.
While visiting my dad in assisted living, a large group of residents were sitting on the porch, along with dad. But, no one was talking. I decided to ask them about their first cars - GREAT conversation starter. It really was nifty and it's a favorite memory for me.
Mine - a light blue Plymouth Duster, used, in 1972.
The very first car I bought on my own was a '62 Pontiac Tempest LeMans convertible. I was 19, and I bought it brand new right off the showroom floor, for $3000. The down payment came from the earnings of my first job that I'd saved for months and months, and I financed the rest through the local credit union.

It was all white, with white vinyl bucket seats. How I loved that car! I remember driving it on summer nights through the Mojave Desert going 80 mph with the top down. It was my freedom-giver, and I kept it until 1969, when I sold it to help finance a trip to Europe.

My first car was a 1978 Toyota Corolla - a cute little off-white car that I begged for (and received) when I was a senior in college.

My parents had a similar story to yours, of riding buses and then sharing a car until much later in their marriage. I remember a Chevy II in the early to mid 1960s. My uncle has something similar to what's in your picture.
My first car was a gift. The year was 1981 and the car was a 1967 Plymouth Fury. Bench seats. Lap belts only. Regular gas. I loved that car!
Hi Millie,
My first half decent car was a car my parents bought for me from my brother. A 1959 Ford Fairlane. Wow, this turned out to be a Repair Daily. Something went wrong every day.
The car looked good but didn't perform well.
My ex husband courted me in a 1949 DeSoto. It was beautiful and a Baby Blue color. It made me feel luxurious.
The first car I bought on my own was a
brand new 1968 Catalina Pontiac Turquoise metallic.
Millie this question re: cars is great everyone has a story.
I loved Steve's comment.
The first car I owned after I married, and it was some old junker that had a stick shift, and always stayed stuck in second gear. It got me where I wanted to go. I bought my first car after I divorced my first husband and it was a little silver car I forgot what model. Dianne
Our first car as kids was a red Geo Prism. The door handles were fluky, so there were times you had to slide out the window like a cast member of Duke of Hazard. We would put gas in it with quarters we found around the house. But the best thing about it, was that it was ours :)
In 1966, I bought a '55 Studebaker Commander for $65. It was originally red and white, but it pink by my time. We called it the Pink Streak, and with its light body and V8, it was. It was a great double-date car, with seats like a sofa front and back. The guy who sold it to me cheap knew it was burning lots of oil. It wasn't really - just a broken, short dipstick, so he was overfilling it. It was fun and cheap, a teen's two top requisites.
When I was a child, my mom and dad only had one car too, and she had to take him to work if she wanted the car for the day. He had to be there at 7:30 too!!

Our first car was a 1956 Dodge that was a hand-me-down from my mom, and then we bought a 1964 Volks Bug. I sure wish we still had it!
1964 Mercury Comet - Beige, four door, automatic.

I bought it from my parents as I had an after school job...and they were probably sick of having to drive me to-and-from.
Millie--I couldn't help thinking how much worse the car situation was for your husband's sister, as she was the one who took a bus to/from work!

We bought "our" first car just two weeks before our first baby was due - a 1955 Plymouth Belvedere in 1956 livery (the car, not the kid!) It was purchased in 1959. I never got the car during the day since I had no driver's license. Besides, I went to work when said kid was four months old (paid a co-worker $2/week to provide transportation to work since my husband worked irregular hours - sometimes staying at the plant overnight.)

"My" first car was a 1962 VW beetle, purchased in 1963. I really loved driving it in the snow in the Seattle area, when other cars were abandoned because they (or their drivers, at least) could not make it through the snow.
Sorry! I keep forgetting to sign my "masterpieces". The above comment was from me.
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