Monday, June 06, 2011
You and your friend go out to dinner at a restaurant on a Saturday night and if you are lucky there is not much of a wait. The hostess greets and seats you at a table you are not happy with but if you reject that table you know there could be a long wait for another table.

The hour is already way past your dinner hour so you say, "that will be fine"
and get seated.

Along comes the waitress and says, "My name is Cassandra and I will be your server this evening."

Ninety nine percent of the time I pay no attention to what the waitress or waiter says but this time it was different. I immediately listened to what she said and made note of her name.

I don't know if it was the way she said it, her voice, her appearance or the name itself but I immediately took a liking to her!

This very attractive looking young lady was very professional and yet there was a warmth about her as she took our orders. Her eyes sparkled, she had a well modulated voice and spoke at a reasonable pace. ( what is it with young people today, they talk as fast as a fright train moves!)

During our meal, we speculated about Cassandra - why would such a charming and bright young lady be a waitress? Was she going to college and needed the extra income? Was she an unemployed actress that was doing this until she got her big break in show business?

I always felt it was not proper to ask a staff member a personal question but at the same time I thought to myself, "if I don't ask her what her goal in life is I would kick myself. I don't remember just the words I used but I had to find out!

Well, she told me that she's twenty two, likes being a waitress and believes in HAVING FUN!! She stressed the fun part!

Boy, was I disappointed!!!

What I'm thinking now is, "maybe that was her way of saying, "mind your own business!" (in a nice way)

What do you think?

She's still VERY young isn't she? Though she could probably do so much with her promising young life, she is at that immortal stage where goals or the lack of them don't even figure into the equation.

Having said that, if she was as bright and on the ball as you thought, she may have given her "just want to have fun" answer to deflect you. Which is a more comforting thought.
There are so many wonderful ambitious smart young people out there, some working as wait people while they are in college; but I would wager, this girl told you the truth! There are plenty of young people whose main thought is 'having fun'!
And, Peggy she is still young, but thinking back, I had a BS degree in Chemistry, was married & had our first child at her age!
Hmm. You do raise some interesting questions. Don't know what to think. Maybe she's in love!
I think Peggy is right.
I did not care for this movie.But just to see Kerri Russell, Id sit through anything.
Nice article, thanks for the information.
She may simply be interested in getting married and is "having fun" looking for her Mr. Right. That could be her goal.
Hi Millie, I agree with Peggy she is very young.
Today the girls are not looking to settle down. I find they do not want responsibility. It is fashionable to get your own apartment and have fun.
When I was young we were not able to leave our home till we got married.
Remember the song "Love and Marriage go together like a horse and carriage"
Those days are gone!
p.s. When I was that age I was separated with two small children and going back to college.
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