Sunday, July 17, 2011
I'm sure the first thing you are going to think is, how could she have an enjoyable visit with the dentist?

I'll tell you!

Steve At Dentist

The reason I made an appointment with the dentist was that I wanted him to take a look at one of my back molars that felt scratchy when I ran my tongue over it. I suspected that I would need a crown and sure enough that was the diagnosis, a good part of the tooth was broken.

"Did I want to take care of it then and there?" Yes, I was there, had the time and wanted to get it taken care of.

It's been a long time since I had that type of work done and remembered that it took a few visits, was expensive, I experienced some pain and found the procedure uncomfortable.

Well, it was a totally different experience! There are new methods now and it's all done in one office visit. It did take 2 1/2 hours but let me tell how I spent that time.

The dentist has a setup where you can watch a movie while "all the work is being done." He pulled up Netflix - foreign films - I spotted "The Gods Must Be Crazy."

I remember seeing that movie in the 80' and loved it - Time to see it again!

I didn't need goggles, just a headset. He started his work and I concentrated on the film.

Loved the beginning of the film where the elephants, lions, tigers and giraffes were prancing around in the desert.

As the film proceeded I kept looking for the "big" moment in the movie where the African bushman finds a coke bottle that was thrown from a plane and causes all kinds of problems for the bushmen who think that it was dropped from the heavens by God.

Never saw that scene in this film.

I finally figured out that the movie I was watching was a sequel.

It was not as good as the original film but it was funny, had many slapstick scenes and some touching moments.

Sometimes I laughed out loud while I had all the stuff in my mouth!

All's well that ends well. The dentist did his job and I saw an enjoyable film.

Now I want to tell you why I was so responsive to my visit to the dentist.

For the past month I've visited three friends in assisted living facilities,
attended a memorial service for a friend, and attended a funeral for a relative.

So, that's why I can say I had an enjoyable visit with the dentist. At least no one was sick.

The only pain I experienced on that day was "a pain in the checkbook!"

Millie, you're the only blogger who could make me think I missed out by not being at the dentist this past week.
Have a great week
I have never minded going to the dentist (although the periodontist is a different story!) Mine is fairly progressive, but she doesn't have movies available - darn it!!
I remember seeing that movie when I got my first VHS player, and watching it three times in a row. It was hilarious. Didn't know there was a sequel but, since you say it's not as funny, think I'll pass. Love your blog, read it often. I'm 68 and always looking for interesting senior bloggers. You take the cake.
I just started back to blogging after a 2 year hiatus. Remembered you from back then and had to visit and check out your latest adventure.

As usual, I was totally entertained. You are the only person who could make me feel sorry for myself cuz I have dentures and don't need a dentist.
I have never heard of a crown in one appointment but it would certainly make the procedure a little easier to take.
I've always had a fear of going to the dentist, but it seems that appointments are so much easier now with all those nice anaesthetics and being able to watch TV or a movie... and my dentist is so funny, cracks jokes all the time whether you want to hear them or not.
Your experience certainly made mine seem even worse than it was. I had to change dentists when I changed insurance companies. The new one didn't know how to smile and he recommended over $2,000 worth of work when all I went in for was my 6 month check up and cleaning. What really got my dander up was when he wouldn't clean my teeth until after I had the work done.

Next Monday I will be seeing a different dentist.
I have never had much love for the dentist, but what a fantastic idea to watch a comedy to take your mind off it. I want your dentist!

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The God's Must Be Crazy is one of my all time favourites - something the whole family can enjoy together, and I agree, the original movie is the best one, but then isn't it always the way with sequels? They are never quite as good as the original.

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The original Gods Must Be Crazy is hilarious, I agree.

Glad your dental experience was so positive. Nothing like getting life in perspective when we encounter problems others are having to cope with. I'm reminded of this every time I work with patients -- currently have two 80+ who've had strokes.

My dental experiences are generally good so can be glad for that. One thing is I'm motivated to do all I can to keep my own teeth.
It's great to be able to enjoy going to the dentist nowadays, right? It's a lot less scary and painful compared to the past, plus having a movie to watch while the procedure is going on is a definitely good distraction! I hope the days after the dentist were easy and pain-free!
Thank you for reminding me about these fantastic movies. I got hold of copies of 1 & 2 and watched them again with my daughter. She loved them!

And I agree with you that no. 1 is streaks better than no. 2
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Thanks for sharing, I love those movies!
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My favorite is the first one, the idea behind it is simply brilliant. By number 3 they really are flogging a dead horse, I mean come on, a Chinese zombie in the Kalahari desert? That said, my 9yr old loved it.
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A trip to the dentist and a movie? That sounds like fun! A movie is a great distraction and keeps you at ease when the dentist starts doing those procedures in your mouth!

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I would have enjoyed my dental visit here too! Haahaha! I would have a dose of laughs again while watching these movies. Xi is an unforgettable character, and I especially like the part where the bottle of Coke was thrown from the helicopter.
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