Sunday, July 31, 2011
This past week I spoke to someone who I haven't been in touch with for a very long time.

I knew she had sold her home and moved into a condo with her husband. As time went on she saw changes in him and realized it was time to make another move. Their choice was an Erickson Community on the North Shore.

Image: Courtesy Ericson Living

Two years after their move her husband passed away. By this time she was settled in a community that provided much support for her. She is a very outgoing and down-to-earth person and has made many friends and life is good.

This past Saturday a concert was being held at her community and she invited me and my friends to attend. I accepted her invitation not so much because of the program but because it would give me an opportunity to see "the place" again.

A few years ago I attended promotional lunches and ice cream parties there but was not ready to make the move.

Recently I was thinking "I'm too old to make the move."

Well, when I saw the residents that attended the concert, I don't think I'm too old!

Maybe they are younger than me but they looked older.

My friend introduced me to a few of her friends and they were all very enthusiastic about their lifestyle. Others that I spoke with felt the same way, they love it!

I told them that I think the kitchen must be putting "happy pills in the food."

Two of the ladies invited me to see their apartments. Wasn't that nice of them?

Image: Courtesy Ericson Living

One apartment was a one bedroom and the other was a very large two bedroom.

To quote my friend, she says, "Millie run don't walk, Do it."


You have always seemed a practical woman to me. If this is a sensible move, then you really must consider it.
Change is difficult but exciting as well. Most important, you know someone who already lives there. A big plus. I say "do it".
Very timely post. This is a tough decision. I opened the mail today to find a half dozen brochures for retirement communities. I asked David what was going on. "They found out we got old," he replied.

We have visited many places but cannot make the move yet. The aging in place movement may catch up with us before we decide.

Should you make the decision to move, do keep us informed. Thanks, Dianne
Take your time, ask your children what they think, and then make your decision. Go with your gut.
Millie, I think you'd be perfect for a place like that and they would be perfect for you. You are so full of life and so active - you'd be an inspiration to the others (who are younger, but look and act older than you!!)
Definitely worth considering. My aunt made just such a move and never regretted it for a moment.
Hi, I find change is always happening as we grow older but most difficult is making the change. I purchased my complex in July 1994 and painted, decorated moved everything in from dishes to sheets etc and I made my final move into the condo in November 1994.
Now I'm in the new chapter of life to have more assisted living and am I ready to change? It is very difficult to make a move.
You know when the situation feels right and then you go with the flow!
Millie, after reading about your life in Florida I know you are a very social animal and enjoy doing things and going places. I am sure this life style would suit you to a T.

I realize the day may come when I can no longer live alone and would like that option, but I can't afford it. Lets face it; it isn't going to get better. If you can, then visit it a few more times to see if you still like the idea.
You will always be one of the youngest one anywhere you go because of your cheerful attitude and spirit.

Listen to your heart.
Will be interested in your continued thoughts and experiences as you make a decision about living in a retirement community. Am sure you'll examine all the pros and cons.

I've worked in several very nice ones, and serve one such now. Most of the residents seem to find the assurance of having all levels of care available to them, whatever might occur with their health, to be a major motivating factor for choosing to live there.

I continue to prefer living independently, but keep an open mind that my perspective might change in the future.
My husband and I are looking into a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) in our area. Like you said, the people there are very enthusiastic about were they live and it's very convincing!! It's still on our minds, but maybe in the near future, we'll make the big move!!
Great post!
Best of wishes,
Sandy Fisher

Thanks for your kind words!

Good luck, whatever you decide to do.
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