Sunday, August 21, 2011
First things first

Thanks to all my special visitors, you are all special, who left me those wonderful birthday wishes on the occasion of my "86th" year!

What a party!!

No cake, no drinks, no balloons but who needs all those superficial things when you have people who show they care by their words!!

Ever since I started blogging I have had the biggest and best birthday celebrations that I can remember.

Today the parents make huge parties for their kids. It all started by taking the kids to a place like McDonalds, latter it was Chuckie Cheese, and today I hear they hire a hall, an entertainer and even a band! I can't imagine what they will be doing next.

In my day I was lucky to be taken out for an ice cream cone!

The wonderful thing about this celebration is there was no clean up, it didn't cost a dime and we all shared a good time.

Blogging gets me out of bed in the morning, I could turn over and have another snooze but I have to get up and see if I have any messages and check up on what my friends have to say.

Thanks again for making my birthday such a special day!!

Millie, you are special and you deserve a big celebration!! I'm glad you liked your birthday wishes!
You deserve it, Millie!!! We love you!!!!!
So happy you had a marvelous birthday. You are loved! Hope you have many many more. Hugz!!
And thank you Millie, for making my day a bit brighter by sharing your birthday with your blogging friends. Dianne
Hey Millie, the happiest of birthdays to you!

I'd love to talk to you about doing an interview with you about your experiences with blogging. Please drop me a line and let me know if you would be interested george at

You are an inspiration my dear!
This is a great way to have a birthday! I spend a lot of $$ on my parties. Maybe an online 'party' will do for me sometime.
Birthday celebrations, like many things having to do with children, have certainly been inflated. Mom always made a cake for any family member's birthday, but I don't recall having ice cream - except for Dad's. His birthday was July 3, and we always cranked ice cream for the 4th!
Hi Millie, I have always loved your attitude. I wish you a very happy, Healthy, Everyday!
We can make everyday a special day since it is a gift and that is why we call it the Present!
You are loved all over the Planet Earth!!!!
Well you are something of an original Millie
HI, Millie,
I really enjoy your writing and your wonderful attitude. Have a great year and keep amusing and entertianing us.
Hi Millie,

Sorry I missed your birthday - hope you had a good one.

Mark L
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