Sunday, August 14, 2011
August for me is like a Greek wedding. My birthday is smack in the middle of the month. I get together with old friends and family before and after my official birthday with a few surprises thrown in.

Every year Steve and Carol take me on a mystery ride, I try guessing as we are on our way, sometimes I figure out where we are going, usually I don't but one thing for sure, it's always fun!

On Saturday I arranged to meet some friends in Boston at Legal Harborside which just opened this spring.

Photo: Legal Harborside. Courtesy Legal Sea Foods

Legal Sea Foods restaurant started out in Cambridge, MA in the 50's. It was a casual place where you sat at long tables and shared space with other guests.
The seafood was outstanding, the price was right and the rest is history.
I can't begin to tell you how many restaurants they have today, not only in Massachusetts but in a number of other states. Read more about Legal Sea Foods.

The new Legal's is unique.

First: The location - it's right on the waterfront.

Second: It has three floors - it's like having three restaurants in one building.

First Floor - Casual dining - Open Kitchen - view of the harbor (that's where we ate)

Second Floor - High End Dining room with fabulous decor. Can just imagine what that would look like when the sun is setting over the water!

Third Floor - Delightful area to enjoy a drink and a light snack from the oyster bar. Oh, and it has a retractable roof. Again with a view that could knock your socks off!

The minute I walked into the restaurant there was a staff member who greeted me and called my attention to the tricky revolving door.

My friends arrived just about the same time I did. I had made a reservation and we were seated promptly on the deck with a great water view. The way the place is set up I think anyplace would have a good view!

The waitress was anxious to take our orders. That was the only thing that I felt was out of line with the restaurant.

I knew before I got there I was going to have a lobster roll!

Legal Lobster Roll

The decor is fantastic, the view is fantastic and food was good.

What impressed me the most was the staff (except for the waitress).

When we finished lunch I inquired where the elevator was so we could see what the other floors were like. Well, what do you know, immediately there was a young lady who took us on a tour of the other floors and told us some interesting tidbits!

They couldn't have been nicer!!

I had taken "The Ride" into town and while I was waiting to be picked up I had a chance to people watch.

What I saw were a lot of young slim ladies wearing their very short colorful dresses and high heels. The fellows were wearing long pants or shorts.

I didn't see one young lady wearing slacks. We were the only ones wearing slacks - no short dresses for us but we were with "the in crowd."

Not a bad way to start my birthday celebration!!

Great start to your week, Millie!!!!!
Millie, I have never been to Legal Seafood, but I have heard about their restaurants from many people! What a great way to start your birthday month!
Happy Birthday month! The lobster sounds great and got my mouth watering for sure.
Mother of the Groom dresses
Hi Millie, I'm ready to get to Legal Seafood I would like to spend the day at the restaurant.
You must have felt like you were on vacation!
The view is fantastic! I want to wish you A HAPPY HEALTHY EVERYDAY!That lobster roll looks DELICIOUS!
Happy Birthday!
Enjoy all the celebrating!
- Lee
Happy Birthday
I am almost envious
love seafood
and no place near where
I live.
May have to visit Boston :)
I made up my mind years ago that when I got older I would wear slacks everywhere and I always have. My grandma said men should wear skirts, they have more to hide. Dianne

PS I would have picked the lobster meat right out of the bun.
Whata delightful way to begin your birthday celebration. I envy you because lobster is my favorite entree, but it's too expensive here.
Happy birthday month Millie. The restaurant sounds marvelous. Wish we had something like that in Florida.
Have a great birthday whenever it is.
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Happy birthday, Millie! Love and hugs from Paris. I left a little something for you on my blog
Happy Birthday, Millie!
Hope your day is fantastic, and that you enjoy many more in good health and great happiness!
Happy birthday, Millie! That lobster is mouth-watering for sure! Wish we had a Legal Seafood near us...Red Lobster really doesn't come close. You're an inspiring person and I'm so glad you're doing well (keep up with you via Claude but I'm putting you on my google reader now). Many happy returns!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MILLIE. Click on this link for your cyber birthday gift.

Best wishes, hugs and many more birthdays to come.
Happy Birthday Millie and may you have many many more! from a secret admirer in blisteringly hot Texas!
Happy Millie Garfield day!
Cop Car
Happy August Birthday, Millie! Your enthusiasm for life would add to any community you live in--retirement or otherwise. Happy, healthy wishes for another good year! -naomi
Happy Birthday, Millie. You caught up with me. Your birthday card is waiting on my blog.
Happy birthday, Millie, from an elder-blogger in Phoenix! Just looking at your lobster roll and hearing about Legal Sea Food makes me want to jump on a plane to Boston! Someday soon!
Happy Birthday, Millie! :)Dee
Happy Birthday Millie !
Happy Birthday Millie.

I'm always amazed to encounter Legal Seafood in Logan airport. But then, at SFO, I'm amazed to see reputable places like Firewood and Il Fornaio on the concourses ...

Glad you had a good time.
Happy Birthday, Millie & many happy returns of the day! :) Dee
Happy birthday, Millie. So great to see you on YouTube when you got your Kindle. I hope you're enjoying it.

From Pamela in sunny Spain.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Millie. :)

The food looked delicious, as it always is at Legal's.
A very Happy Birthday to you!! Love Legal Seafoods, such a great experience! :)
Have a wonderful birthday! Hope the gifts are easy to open!
Happy birthday, Millie. Love your blog!
Happy Birthday, Millie!
I've been to Legal Seafoods on the one and only time I visited Boston. It was not fancy, as I recall, but the lobster was excellent. That was the first and last time I had lobster, because I'm from the west coast, and what I eat is the local crab.
Happy Birthday, Millie :)
Happy birthday from the west coast. You often enliven my life. Hugs from here.....
A Very Happy 86th Birthday Millie!!! Your LUNCH sounds like it was fun and delicious and at a WONDERFUL Restaurant.....I know the fun and frivolity wull continue!!!
(Kay sent me over here, my dear, And I am Sooo glad she did!
Just thought I'd pop over and wish you a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.
Happy birthday, Millie!! Enjoy the whole month!!
Happy Birthday! May ever day of your birthday month be a wonderful prelude to a glorious year!
Oh,Happy Happy Birthday, Millie!

And many more!! The restaurant, seafood, and view all look wonderful.

I was there with you in spirit -- but I arrived too late to join the group.

(Yeah, I blew it this year. I intended to post an HB greeting on my blog, but got so caught up in issues related to my post there, that it's now midnight here in So. Cal, you're sound asleep in bed,(or passed out,) and it's the day after your birthday! I refuse to admit I forgot.)
Hi Millie - happy Birthday from Australia - Have a great day for the beginning of your life - cheers Jeanette
Happy Birthday! Came over from Time Goes By:).
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