Saturday, August 27, 2011

Image Credit: NASA/NOAA GOES Project

Today Hurricane Irene is working it's way up the East Coast and is expected to arrive in the Boston area sometime tomorrow.

With that in mind I've been doing what I can to get ready "just in case."

This afternoon I decided to go to the supermarket and the liquor store to stock up "just in case" there is a power failure.

I usually shop at a market that is about a fifteen minute ride for me, where the prices are reasonable. When I left my house it already looked threatening so I decided to go to a market and liquor store that is just around the corner.

Well, everyone and his brother had the same idea!

As I approached the liquor store I saw a very crowded parking lot and even before I parked the car I saw what was happening.

The place was so busy that people where lined up outside the liquor store waiting for their turn to get in!

Well, I didn't need to get involved with that. After all I still have a bottle of gin that I use to make my gin and raisin arthritis remedy mixture to alleviate my aches and pains!

So off to the market I went. There too the lot was crowded. I only go to this market for fill-ins since their prices are high. On an ordinary day you can breeze through the store but today was different. Loads of people buying loads of items.

The deli department was extremely busy. I don't usually buy cold cuts anymore but "just in case" we have a power failure I can make myself a sub and have a gin and tonic with it. It will have to be without ice cubes but what the heck!!

That reminds me, before I left the house I perked a pot of coffee which is now in my refrigerator.

"Just in case" the power goes out I can still have a cup of coffee even if it isn't hot. Have to have that coffee.

Hope all of you and your loved ones who are in Irene's path stay safe.

Be safe Millie! Here's hoping all the rain winds up in the ocean and not on us.
Millie, I am glad you are prepared. we thought we were too, and then a 50+' oak fell on our house.
You will do just fine. I mean you have your arthritis medicine, cold cuts, and coffee. . . it just wouldn't do to not have coffee.
Hurricanes are usually a Florida thing and I'm never really prepared. You stay safe.
It is quite a shock when you have a situation that dictates being ready for anything that the weather can offer. But you sound like you are getting well prepared. Take care and keep us posted.
Stay safe, Millie and have a gin and tonic for me.
To one and all:

No more rain, just some heavy winds now. Never lost my power!!

Darlene: I'm having that gin and tonic right now!! Cheers!!!
Glad to hear that all is well .. now you won't have to buy cold cuts for awhile!
YOU are a real hoot Millie. Hope you are toasty and well away from the rising water. Dianne
Glad you were prepared for whatever might come and that it didn't! Or, at least, it wasn't as bad in your area as feared. Same true for my dtr in Richmond, VA area. She said they'd had wind and rains worse than what Irene brought them, but not true for everyone. She was concerned about trees staying upright in her yard.

Earthquake she took in stride from Calif. years experience, but my teenage granddtr who was alone was really scared. Their area was on the outskirts of the rings shown for the epicenter in Mineral.
Hope you're safe Millie.
So pleased it was not as bad as they predicted.'
I thought of you and also my two granddaughter's who live and are going to school in New York.
All are well.
Have a good day.
So dry and hot in my area...
Good to know that finally it wasn't as bad as they had thought. Still pretty frightening. Some twenty years ago, we wouldn't have known about this on my side on the pound, at least not until the next day. Now we hear about it just like you, ahead of time.
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