Saturday, August 06, 2011
Here's a story that took place many years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday!

It was a July 4th week-end and my husband and I were invited to join some friends who were going to an event held by the couples club they belonged to.

The event was being held at the home of a couple who had an indoor pool. Drinks, appetizers, lunch and dessert were all included at a minimum charge.

What did not appeal to me was the fact that it was summer time and it was not an outdoor pool. Our friends told us the event was called for 11:00 am and would be over by 3:00 pm.

I didn't like that either.

I was not happy about having to be there that early and having to leave by 3:00.

What do you do when the party is over smack in the middle of the day?

Tasty Punch
Photo: Tasty Punch by velvettangerine CC BY

Well, my friends were nice enough to issue the invitation, we had no plans for that day so we decided to check out this group.

My husband and I talked it over and decided that there was no reason to show at 11:00. We decided that 11:30 would be early enough.

We got there about that time and what do you know -- The snacks were all gone and so was all the food that they had put out for the lunch! (even the desserts were gone)

All Gone
Photo: All Gone by Chiot's Run CC BY-NC

The hostess was very apologetic and guided us into her kitchen where she opened up her freezer and put something together for us.

She went on to explain that the guests came early and couldn't wait to be served!!

The pool area was not conducive to relaxing or for mingling.

As I remember it now, the party broke up before 3:00. That day was a total bust.

Needless to say, we did not join that couples club!!

You can't win them all!

Perhaps that was the younger years when they were testing out their host and hostessing skills? Running out of food...ouch, should never happen. Going home early meant all were bored.
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I never gave a party where the food ran out! That's just tacky!!!
Everyone looks uncomfortable on that couch. What a weird party. I am sure you do better these days.
Hi Millie, I would say the hostess needs an event planner to have enough food and some activities.

she could have run a theme for the party and maybe the people were dull.
I don't blame you for not joining the club.
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