Sunday, September 04, 2011
The day after the storm I went out to do a few errands. As I drove to my destination I did not see any trees down or any other type of destruction. We were lucky in this area.

My first stop was to a CVS where I picked up some body wash that was on sale for $2.00. When I checked out, in addition to my receipt I was handed a coupon that entitled me to a free $2.00 purchase which had an expiration date.

In the past I would have taken that coupon, put it in my wallet and forgotten about it. By the time I looked at the coupon it would no longer be valid.

How many of us does that happen to?

After all these years I have finally smartened up. What I did was leave the store, put my bundles in the car, went back in and used that coupon for another bottle of body wash and got it for free!!

The next stop I made was to the supermarket.

The day before Irene hit this area I picked up a few things at the market. You know how that it is, you go in for a few things and you wind up with a cart full of groceries.

I've always wanted to try a certain brand of cereal and what do you know it happened to be on sale that day, good time to try it!

The store was extremely busy that day, lots of people, lots of noise and long lines at the cash registers.

Not until the next day did I look at my register tape. What do you know, not only did I not get the sale price but they had charged me even more than the sticker price on the box!!

A few days later I return to the market and got a full refund.

Lessons learned:
Watch those expiration dates!
Check the register tape - mistakes happen!!

Oh and by the way - that cereal wasn't that great. ;-)

Patience and tenacity.
Helpful post. Happy to hear you escaped the worst of the storm. Good tips for everyone. We coupon clip and watch the numbers on the receipts too. Dianne
I try to be watchful like that too, Millie. I search my grocery store receipts like a hawk!

I'm glad to know you suffered no damage in the storm, and wish we hadn't.
Kaj ti zgledam občutljiv al kaj?
Love this. I am glad that I was led to this blog.
So happy to hear you are safe after the storm. There's more of them lined up out there in the Atlantic.

I'm a really good coupon clipper but . . . I'm not so good at remembering to use them. Darn!!

I gotta watch my receipts. Never thought about that. Thanks for the tip. Hugz!!
Glad Irene passed you and my dtr in Va leaving little more than rain, and the trees upright.

Dear friends in Conn. weren't so fortunate and were without power for several days.
Glad you survived with no real damage. Storms are frightening at best.

I need to be more careful with receipts.

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