Sunday, September 25, 2011
For those of you who are fairly new followers on this blog I would like to get you acquainted with my video blog, "I Can't Open It."

It all started in August of 2004 when I told my son Steve, a video blogger, that I couldn't open a jar of coffee. That was the beginning of a fun and helpful series where I showed my son the trouble I was having opening an item and he showed me how to "open it."

I couldn't get the plastic wrap, started, couldn't get the perfume spraying, couldn't open up the jar of cookies, couldn't get the medicine out of the container and many more items that I needed help with. The series flourished!

Video: I Can't Open It | Aussie Awesome Shampoo

We did that for seven years and finally I can just about open anything.

The things that still give me trouble are those little packets of salad dressing or the small containers of butter.

I keep a small scissor in my handbag and that solves that problem!

The other day I found myself in a very bad situation! I was taking a shower which has sliding glass doors.

Shower with water drops
Shower with water drops by espensorvik CC BY

When I tried to slide the door open, it wouldn't budge! The door had come off the track. I tried, I tried and tried - finally I got it open a few inches but not enough for me to be able to get out. If I were a size 0, I could have slipped out!

Fortunately I was wearing my Life Line-Medical alert pendant, pressed the button and within a few minutes someone responded to me.

"We'll send help."

While I was waiting I still tried to open the door - no luck - then I started to try the sliding door at the other end. No, it didn't work!! I kept trying and finally I got it open!

"The help" hadn't come yet - I dried off and got my robe on - no help yet!

When they finally arrived I asked what took them so long. They were looking for unit PHP - I'm in unit PHB. Someone got their signals mixed!!

I called the company to verify what information they had on my records.

There were a few things that needed updates plus I think what might have happened was when they got in touch with the emergency service they took the B for a P!

Lesson Learned: If you do have a Life Line make sure the company has the correct information and that they relay it properly to the emergency service!

Looking back at it now, it's a good thing I got out before they came - no need for those six guys to see a naked lady, or for me to be seen by them!! ;-)

Oh, Millie, I know you are glad that you got out before they arrived!!

And next time (if there is one) be sure to tell them Paul-Harry-Paul for PHP, so they can'. mistake it for a B
Hi Millie,
Lucky you had the Lifeline thingie! Luckier yet is that you were able to free yourself and get some clothes on.

I remember your "I can't open it" entries from a while back. They were all so good.

Hope yours is a wonderful week. Hugz!!
That was good thinking to try to slide from the back side. Judy is right --always use names to make sound alike letters plainer.
after reading this I am happy
I take a bath every night and my shower has a curtain :)
Millie--Your experience encourage those of us with sliding doors to drape a towel over the top of the door track. At least it would let us wrap up before being invaded.

In cleaning our own doors (in two bathrooms), I do sometimes have difficulty lifting each half off of the track in order to completely remove it. If/When I get a bit weaker....

I think of you and your series each time I experience difficulties opening a package or wrapping!
Cop Car
I laughed so hard with your "I can't open it" video when you said the former shampoo opened quite easily and you finally couldn't open it either!
Things are made to be open by strong young men and not elder ladies like us!
I also had to laugh at your getting caught in the shower story and those guys not being able to find the right place! You're lucky you were not seriously in trouble though!
This was pretty great! We will share this on Ready to Soar which is a learning community for parents and childcare providers.
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