Sunday, October 30, 2011
Now don't get excited, I'm not going to tell you about "The man in my life" - I did say I'm going to tell you about "The Men in my life." Come to think of it even IF there was a man in my life, you wouldn't hear about it!!

Before I leave for Florida in December I get very busy seeing all kinds of men:

So far I've seen my ophthalmologist and my internist.

One thing leads to another - after my visit with the ophthalmologist - new eye glasses. After the visit with internist - blood work.

Next week seeing the podiatrist and the periodontist.

I try to take care of all my medical needs before I leave town because the doctors in Florida are very busy with all the snow birds that fly in for the winter.

Doctor Popular @DocPop on
No wonder I need a large calender - who could remember all the dates I have without writing them down!!

Now I have a question for you:

I have a very good long term patient - doctor relationship with my internist who recently cut down on his practice, but I'm still on his A list. ;-)

When I saw him recently he looked drawn and looked like he had lost some weight. I had occasion to call the office shortly after my visit and the nurse informed me that the doctor was going to have shoulder surgery and would be out of the office for a few weeks.

Aha!! he didn't look good to me, I felt that something was not just right - but how do you say to your doctor, "what's wrong doc, are you ok?"

That's his department.

Would you have said something?

My Florida doctors are there if I need them. The good thing is they are all nearby, no long rides to any of them and if you need to have a test when you are not able to drive they arrange transportation for you.

That's all well and good but I hope I don't have to see any of those men while I am in the sunshine state!

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Millie, I think you are smart to see your docs before you go to Fl. Hope everything is okay and that your doc's shoulder surgery is successful. No, I probably wouldn't have said anything to him.
Millie, guess there are a few in my life also. Seem to have an ongoing relationship with my dentist lately :) We seem to somehow have same thoughts - I posted about medication today.
Have a great day...
I think a simple "whats up Doc"
would have said it all!!!!
LOL !!!!!!!!!!

Lisa C.
Always a good idea to see your doctors before a trip. I try to do the same although some of them are the women in my life :)
So another winter trip is in the books!
Very nice blog. Great topics. I'm looking for Your next posts.
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