Sunday, October 16, 2011
Once upon a time if it was a Saturday I'd be at the movies. This pattern goes back to when I was a kid. My mother would pack me a lunch and off I'd go to the matinee with my girlfriends. (all the mothers did that) ;-)

When I was a teenager and started dating I'd go to the local movie house with a fellow. In my twenties my date would take me into Boston to one of the BIG movie theaters.

One fellow introduced me to foreign films at a theater that had at one time been a church. That had to be around 1950 -1955. It was an old building, had no air conditioning but we went anyways. It never failed, every time we went we saw an outstanding film!

In later years my husband and I went to the movies on a regular basis. There was always something good to see.

As a widow I had a large group of ladies to go to the movies with. In fact the group was so large that many times we had to go in two cars. We went to the movies pretty much every Saturday, there was always something that we wanted to see.

We went to one particular theater so often that we got to know the theater manager and would discuss the movie with him afterward. One night when we arrived at the theater he asked what we were going to see and when we told him, he said, "ladies that movie is not for you!" We listened to him and sure enough, it was not for us. What a peach he was!

Now the picture has changed - many of those ladies have past on, are in assisted living or have moved to another state. Now IF there is something worth seeing we could go in a mini-van!

So what have I been doing on a Saturday night - It's a leisurely dinner out.

During the week I have found some GOOD movies on TV. I recently saw "Frida" for the second time. It's a biographical movie about the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo starring Salma Hayck as Frida and Alfred Malina as her husband Diego Rivera.

If you have never seen this movie, check it out - if you have seen it before it's still a very exciting and interesting movie to see again. I enjoyed it just as much the second time around!

Another movie I happened to stumble on was "Count Three and Pray."

Never heard of it but when I saw that Van Heflin was featured in the movie I had to see it, he was one of my favorite actors. He played the part of a preacher who does not know how to begin a prayer!

The movie also starred Joan Ann Woodward in her film debut. That was long before she was the wife of Paul Newman, another of my favorite leading actors. It was fun seeing her as a young rambunctious girl.

So forget the movies - I'll settle for what I can find on TV for now.

Let me know if you think there is something out there I might enjoy.

Still would like to go to the movies!!

You gotta go see "The Help". 8 of us went in 2 cars and everyone really liked it. "Dolphin Tail" is next on my list.

I did see "The Help" a while ago and that was a good one!

Thanks for calling my attention to "Dolphin Tale." I hadn't heard anything about it and since you mentioned it to me I read some reviews on it and it sounds like something worth seeing and paying $9.00 for a ticket!!!

It's playing locally so I'll make it my business to go see it.

Thanks again. ;-)

Thanks so much
The Help is the only one I have seen lately that I could recommend,Millie. I don't get to see many movies nowadays. Mr. kenju won't go and I hate to go alone.
Hi Millie, I have discovered On Demand and I see many old Movies. I know I saw them before but I don't remember them.
Last week I saw FRIDA and I enjoyed it. It was superb!
The price was very affordable!
I haven't been to see a movie in a theatre for a long time.
I enjoyed it and the price was very affordable!
On a budget, I'm finding a movie, popcorn and a soda to be so costly that I now wait a bit, purchase the DVD, and enjoy the movie over and over in the comfort of my own apartment. Read "The Help" and so loved it that anxiously awaiting the DVD release.
Hi, Millie,
I saw The Way yesterday with Martin Sheen. Beautiful scenery and a touching story. I hope you get to see that. Didn't want to wait for DVD because of the gorgeous mountains.

Thanks so much for telling me about "The Way." Read some reviews and it sounds like "my cup of tea."

It's on my list! ;-)
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