Sunday, November 06, 2011
During the week I was trying to think of something to blog about ... unfortunately I was having severe writer's block - no movies to write about, not even something that I saw on TV. Nothing, zilch , nada!

The only things I could have made a post about was "more funerals" more about "assisted living" and more about doctor's visits. I just didn't want to get into any of those topics. Enough!!

Well, just today Steve forwarded a cartoon to me that really lifted my spirits.
It's as if he knew what I needed.

I'm going to follow the doctor's advice to the letter!!!

You are an inspiration. Go, Millie, go!
You are a hoot... funny lady. I enjoyed your yiddish joke, and doctor stories. Nice job on the blog, good mix of pictures, jokes, stories and videos. Keep blogging!
how about posts about your daily routine? What about recommendations of brands you use and housekeeping tips and ideas.
Maybe books you have enjoyed, etc.
I agree with you, that cartoon is wonderful and very good advice!
I still go, go, go - but it just takes me longer to get there. ;-)

Thanks for all those kind words. Comments like that keeps me blogging!

Thanks for dropping by.
You gave me food for thought but as far as housekeeping tips go - they up and went.

My daily routine is pretty dull so forget that.

Maybe I could write about a favorite book - something that I have read and reread? Good idea!
Kind of reminds me of someone's definition of the ideal doctor: "Happiness is a fat doctor who smokes."

Okay, maybe not really, but ...
I honestly believe that you would spill that drink before you got it all the way down. I know darn well I would!!!
millie- I love seeing your warm smile and your young looking face- keep going with the yiddish!
Millie- please write about your early years and your greatest memories.

Your newest Fan

yes..go, Millie, go!
Maybe books you have enjoyed, etc.
I agree with you, that cartoon is wonderful and very good advice.
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I'll drink to that Millie
Millie, if we drink, we won't be able to type a blog post!!

At this point in time I'm willing to try anything, even it means I might have too much to drink! What the heck!
Just loved that doctor's order!
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