Sunday, November 13, 2011
Last week I wrote about "severe writers block" and got some terrific feedback. One suggestion came from my "newest fan, Barbara" who suggested I write about my greatest memories.

I gave it some thought and realized I have never blogged about the fun that Aaron and I had planning our wedding and the great memories I have about sharing the evening with family and friends!

In those days there was nothing like an event planner but I really didn't need that kind of help since I had been to many weddings and knew where I wanted the event held, the rabbi, the florist, the photographer I wanted and most important of all the band that would "make music" and coordinate the evening.

I do remember a few problems we had to figure out -one was who to invite and where to seat them. That was a tough one.

The other problem wasn't such a big deal. I wanted to have a flower girl but I had a cousin with a lovely little girl and a close friend who had a lovely little girl. What to do?

I had two flower girls!!
Wedding Toast

The band played all the numbers I had requested, the guests were having a great time, Aaron and I were having a great time and then as the evening was winding down the bandleader told me it was time for me to change and get into my "going-away outfit." I didn't want to do it!!!! I remember that moment vividly!

OK, so Aaron had to get out of his tuxedo, into a suit and I had to get out of
my wedding gown and into my going away outfit.

When the coordinator saw that we were ready he signaled us to enter the hall. WOW!! The band played "Toot Toot Tootsie, Goodbye!!!

I thought that was the greatest thing!! I'm sure he played that song for other newlyweds but for me it created a special memory!

You know I can see how beautiful you are and were on your wedding day- I can see the same girl in your smile. I am hoping to spend many vicarious moments by your side as I read along with your blog.


Wow, It feels good to bring those sweet memories. You shoud renew those memories on your wedding anniversaries.
That was a wonderful idea you received and you did a good job of fulfilling it. Please give us more!
Sweet memories....I like your blog.
What wonderful memories you share.
A beautiful bride who beams with happiness.
Dear Millie, thank you for sharing.
You make me smile - and I have just returned from a friends funeral.l
What Barb said; your happiness shines on your faces!! That was a good song to play you off the stage, so to speak!
It sounds like a wonderful day and all organised without the help of an event planner. Not alone did you look beautiful then , but still have that inner glow.
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