Saturday, November 19, 2011
When I say "Puttin' on the Ritz " I'm not referring to that jolly song that was popular, probably before many of you were born.

What brought this song to mind was a recent experience I had with Ritz crackers. I've used them for years when I want a tasty crisp topping on baked fish.

I recently bought a box of Ritz, opened the package and was getting ready to make this nice and easy fish dish. The crackers looks different! They didn't have that golden color that I am familiar with but without giving it much thought I went ahead and made the fish using those "pale crackers." I didn't think to taste them!

I don't have a specific recipe for this dish, I've made it so many times I make it like my mother would have. When I asked her how she made something she'd say, "put in just enough!"

Well, once the fish was done I was ready to enjoy a recipe that never fails.
"Wrong" - the fish had no taste - blah - just like the crackers looked.

The very next morning I called the 800 number that was on the box and spoke with a customer service representative. She listened to my story, asked for the code number on the box , where I bought the product and told me that the company welcomes input from loyal customers. Quality control will
look into the problem.

In the meantime she will send me some complimentary coupons to use for future purchases.

I've made calls like this a number of times, the service people are always very nice and are really glad to hear about "their product."

What do you do when a product does not come up to your expectations?


So many of the products we used to buy have been changed to meet the fads of the time. Breads we liked disappeared from the shelves for a while and then reappeared but never tasted as good as we remembered. Reading the ingredients we found that the makers had changed the recipe to reduce fats or calories (or both). Some of the vegetables included pieces of stem and had loads of salt to make them palatable. We got frozen fruits that were hard and tasteless obviously picked green and never fully ripened. We simply stopped buying the product.
I always have plans to take it back to the shop and get my money back, but I usually don't. Good for you for calling them!
I have taken to buying the 'whole wheat' Ritz -- I like them better. I usually just vote with my feet when a product changes and stop buying it. Kudos to you for standing up!
I have trouble finding my favorite yogurt now. They store moves stuff and I spend time trying to find it. I am glad that you call the customer service departments. I usually fail that.
Hi Millie, I'm glad you call and communicate with the company when you're not happy with the product. The consumer has to speak up because the Box of Ritz crackers is smaller and if don't enjoy them you really are loosing. DOUBLE TIME!
What happened to your fish dinner? I hope it was edible.
Millie, I usually do the same thing you do....

Thanks for telling me about "whole wheat Ritz."

Once I get the coupon from Ritz, I'll try the whole wheat ones!

And they are supposed to be better for you. Every little bit helps. These days we need all the help we can get. :-)

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Something I rarely eat, but the last time I tried them I thought they weren't how I remembered them. Must be an international thing Millie
Depending on issue I return the product to the store, or on occasion contact the company.
I think ingredients in many products have been changed including the shortening used which really has affected taste.

I, too, switched to the whole wheat crackers when they came on the market.

Do you recall years ago a popular fad was a pie made completely with Ritz crackers that tasted like apple pie? Then there was the chocolate cake made with tomato soup.
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