Sunday, December 11, 2011
I hear it's cold in Massachusetts.

Residents up North need to have their heat on, but down South, here in sunny Florida, we need to run the air conditioners!

Heading to Florida!

Steve and Carol came down with me and helped me get settled. The two of them were wearing shorts most of the time and loved the warm climate.

When I first arrive in Florida, my cabinets and refigerater are totally empty so the big job we have is to fill them up with all the necessities and the good stuff that is available at the markets down here.

Mission accomplished.

The next important thing that has to be done is to go to Comcast and rent the modem. Their office is very large and they are set up to handle lots of people! Boy, it's a good thing they have an efficient system and lots of seats while the customers are waiting their turn.

Lots of Cord Attachers in Florida.

My condo development includes basic cable but not HBO which I have up North.

I'm especially hooked on Boardwalk Empire and wouldn't you know, tonight is the finally episode. When I finally got to talk to an agent,  I inquired about what it would cost to add HBO. "$6.00 a month." Ok, that's reasonable, I signed up!

Previous years I have not signed up for HBO since I am usually very busy down here and always felt I didn't need it. This season could be different. At the moment I know two of my friends who are not going to be here. Another friend is on the fence, waiting for test results.

I've always had five ladies for a weekly Mah Jongg game but right now that looks questionable. Maybe there are other ladies who are having the same problem so maybe we can join forces with other players? Time will tell.

Oh what a joy that is!!

One day it was just about 4:00 PM and we were ready for a very early dinner.

My daughter-in-law has been down here many times and she KNOWS that if you want to eat at "3 G's" you had better get there EARLY. Sure enough, when we got there we were seated immediately.

Matzo Ball Soup appetizer
Matzo Ball Soup appetizer

Liver and Onions with Potato Pancakes and Apple Sauce on the side
Liver and Onions with Potato Pancakes and Apple Sauce

Chocolate Bobka!
Chocolate Bobka!

I had the most delicious hot corned beef sandwich on fresh rye bread served with crunchy half sour pickles, cole slaw and a potato pancake.


Can't get anything like that up North.

One night we ate at Seasons 52 where we all enjoyed our dinners.

Love Seasons 52. Love it.

Awesome Flatbread Pizza Appetizer. @seasons52

Salmon at Seasons52! Whoa!

The portions at all the restaurants are large so I've been bringing home doggie bags. Looks like I won't be cooking for a while, and, that's a good thing. ;-)

So that's life in sunny Florida - so far, so good!!

Glad you are settled. this is a view of Florida that I have not seen up close. (Being a gentile, my visits are a little different.) Wondering why you do not keep the receipts from the first two whopping trips, might be useful...or depressing!
I meant to type shopping trips...wonder how the prices of food change.
Enjoy the warmth and the sunshine. This post made me very hungry. Gee, thanks...
Enjoy the warm weather in Florida. Also, I have been to 3G's, it was my grandfather's (may he rest in peace) absolutely favorite place in the area.

Every time I came down to Fla in the last 4 years, we always wound up there...
Enjoy this time. The food looks wonderful. Grow weary of preparing something for one. Love the soup - my soninlaw is Jewish and his mother has brought this soup to me. I could eat it every day....
Hi Millie'
The food photos from the 3 G's made my mouth water. It looked Good!
Since this is my first winter up North I will have to go to a Deli in Marblehead.
Enjoy your Winter months in Florida:
Weather, Food and Wonderful Activities.
Keep writing.
Sounds wonderful and the food looks great. Thanks for sharing and now, I am hungry. Dianne
ok Millie
Enough making me soo jealous about the weather - thats so unfair. I hope you have a very happy chanukah- I am going to be making my own potato latkes-
Millie, on Sunday night, we missed Boardwalk Empire, and we were watching the repeat show tonight. Would you believe that in the last 5 minutes, our electricity went off?! It came back almost immediately, but it took the cable modem a long time to reboot, so we missed the ending. Now I will have to try and catch another showing!
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