Sunday, December 25, 2011
In the 50's I had a wonderful office job in downtown Boston.


I liked the work, the people, and the fact that the office was in the heart of the shopping district.

On my lunch hour I could scoot over to Filene's Bargain Basement store, and if I was lucky "get a designer label item for a steal." If you were a tourist Filene's Basement was the number one attraction in town. Not anymore though, they are going out of business.

One outstanding memory I have about Filene's is what they did to one of their display windows right after Christmas.

The display had jolly, smiling and fat Santa asleep on his throne. He had done his job, was content with himself, his elfs and reindeer!


Now that I think about it, I don't remember seeing Mrs. Santa in the window! In those days maybe she was still in the kitchen cleaning up!!

2009 Tree Lighting in Jamaica Plain

As long as I worked in Boston I never missed a time to go see Santa snoozing away at the corner of Washington and Franklin Streets.

Is that how you feel after Christmas, snoozing away, or are you like Mrs. Santa Claus, cleaning up the kitchen?

Hi Millie,
Since the maid is on Holiday vacation I am the only one to clean up. That's my job!
I may be tired makes me feel good after it is all done and everything is in its place

Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your Family!
I did both after all everyone does overlapping these days. Hope your Christmas was a happy one!
A little of both goes on here, Millie!
Wishing you bountiful blessings in 2012. Hugz!
A snooze now and then is good. Dianne
Happy New Year, Millie!!!!

I thought Filene's basement a delight for an inveterate bargain hunter like me.
Happy New Year! When family present now they pitch in and help with cleanup. Years earlier the activity was mostly mine.
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