Tuesday, January 03, 2012
I could write about the movies, the shows, the places I have eaten, or the Mah Jongg games that I have been enjoying, but instead, I have decided to tell you about an ordinary day that I had today.

Since I've been here in Florida, it's been an unusually warm December.

January is different!!

This morning it was cold and windy, had to put the heat on! That's why I pack turtle neck jerseys and long johns.

I needed some groceries, but didn't feel like parading through my favorite big supermarket. Instead, I elected to go to a nearby small market that carries lots of ethnic goodies.

Before I left the house I got my cold clothes together and prepared for the cold. Little did I know that at 1:00 pm the sprinklers are on and I had to dash between the water until I made it to my car!!

That's when I got my exercise for the day!

To my pleasant surprise they have enlarged the store. It now carries a larger inventory of specialties that appeal to me. For example, they now carry a yogurt cultured semisoft part-skim cheese that I love and can not find that type of cheese up North. As a matter of fact I'm having it right now on some crackers and enjoying them with a gin and tonic with a slice of lime.


The market was very busy, you have to take number and wait your turn. It's worth the wait because there is a lot going on between the salespeople and the customers.

The gentleman before me was just finishing his order and when the clerk asked him if there was anything else he could do for him, the customer said, "I'd like a smile."

The salesperson had absolutely no response.

Store Clerk
Store Clerk by Brian Fountain CC BY

The customer persisted and said again, "I'd like a smile."

By this time the clerk's face was turning sour just like the pickles I bought.

No way was he going to smile!!

The wagons they have in this store are the type that you can not take out of the store. It so happens that I bought a lot of goodies and needed help with getting the bundles to my car.

Well they have a "floor walker" that is not a smiler either.

As a matter of fact I would say he's a grouch. and if you need help with the groceries he will take them out to your car for you. He's not happy about it but does it.

Now that the store has more business than ever, people are buying more and need that service.

He's not a happy camper.

I'll be watching to see what happens.

Maybe he'll quit.

Maybe they will hire extra help.

Maybe they'll hire someone who knows how to smile.

Now I'm going to finish my gin and tonic, have more cheese and crackers, and get ready for an ordinary evening at home!!

It is funny that as little as a smile costs these people don't think it is worth the time or effort. They may have a good reason(as far as they are concerned) but It could well effect their sales and business in the long run.
You might mention this guy's attitude to the manager.

My son's first job was as a bagger at a local supermarket and he was the darling of the old ladies who shopped there because it didn't matter how few groceries they had, he carried them out for them. I heard about it from his boss and when I asked about it and he said, "I treat them the way I'd treat my grandma." I was so proud.
Curious someone can't somehow muster up a smile, but clearly asking for one wasn't the motivation needed. Gee, smiling and laughing is usually contagious. Sounds like that Seinfeld Show character -- the Soup Nazi.
He must be really unhappy. Just give him a smile :)
I love cheese, what you shared about sounds so good. I like
fresh mozzarella. Only think different in this small town.
When I go to Nashville - maybe at Whole Foods they will have what you shared about. Take care...
There was a restaurant in Boston "Durgin Park". They were not only noted for their good food but also for the rude waitresses!!

They didn't hire anyone that smiled.

I can see why you were proud to have such a caring son. At that young age he realized what was important.

You hit the nail on the head!! Yes, that guy was like the Seinfeld character "the Soup Nazi."

I'll look for him next time I go into that store and "smile" at him and see what happens. ;-)

One Woman's Journey
Good idea - maybe a store like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's would carry that type of cheese. Brand name is "Heini's.
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