Saturday, March 31, 2012
Truer words were never spoken.

If you stay home, nothing much will happen. You could spend your time watching TV, reading a book, making a phone call or doing some boring chores.

What brought this to mind was almost deciding not to accept an invitation to attend a concert with a friend. I had a full afternoon out and thought I'd just as soon stay home, have a leisurely dinner, watch TV and call it a night.

This partcular friend usually comes up with something at a reasonable cost (or even free) and it's a worthwhile take-in. Just once I joined her for the annual "Garlic Festival" which turned out to be a "smelly affair. Pardon me, I just couldn't resist that comment!

This time it was a piano concert at Lynn University - Conservatory of Music in Boca Raton. The young artist performing that evening is pursuing a Professional Performance Certificate.

Even though I do not play any musical instrument, I was very impressed with her talent at the piano and how she made it sing!

When my friend, who lives in Chicago, picked me up, there were two ladies in the car who I didn't know.

They both live in Peabody, Mass., a stone's throw from my home town. Both were born in Chelsea, Mass. Me Too!

Once that was established we started to play Jewish Geography, that's when we found out that we know a lot of the same people.

After that I asked one of the ladies when she is going home. April 12 - me too!!

What airline? Jet Blue - me too!!

Out of West Palm or Fort Lauderdale? Ft. Lauderdale - me too!!

What time is your flight? 11:45 - me too!!

Where is your seat? row 4 - I'm in row 6 - close enough!!

Hope to get together with those ladies when I get back home. Wasn't it a good thing I went out that night?!!

I'll be making one more extra special post before I leave. Look for it on Saturday April 7th!!!

I was also born in Chelsea!
At the Naval Hospital.
Millie you are so right about nothing happening if you don't go out!! Last Thursday my husband brought home tickets to the Houston Symphony with Hillary Hahn violinist. I really wanted to stay home, watch so tv and go to bed. But he prevailed and we went. It was wonderful, we had good seats and heard such beautiful music!! We didn't meet up with anyone like you did but had a great time anyway.
Aren't you glad you went!! New friends are great.
Millie, you are so right.
Just seems after working for years and raising 5 children - that I now do not like leaving home. But I eally do needd to occasionally.
Love reading what you share.
Safe travel wishes back to your other home.
Life's coincidences. How nice that you made two new friends.
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