Saturday, April 07, 2012
Today is the day we celebrate and honor Ronni Bennett on her special birthday.

Yes, every birthday is special!!

She's sweet, spicy, saucy, wholesome and lip smacking delicious. When you read her blog you never know what tasty and eye opening morsel you'll be reading. It could be about politics, elder law, poetry, music, hair and even funny videos involving cats!!

What do you get for an elder with so many tasty attributes?

I would suggest a trip to Trader Joe's, show them what you've got, and get some of their tasty treats.

Image: Trader Joe's via Google Maps

Is that your "little red car" I see in the parking lot?

Wishing you a very happy birthday and a fun filled year!!

What a cute post for Ronni!!! Stop by my place for a glass of champagne in her honor!!!!
Aw Millie, what a great birthday gift. Not my little red car in the parking lot, but instead of Trader Joe's, I went to New Seasons yesterday and got some goodies to eat today.

Thank you, Millie and much love...
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