Sunday, April 15, 2012
You plan, and plan, and hope that all the puzzle pieces fit like they are supposed to... Well, they did!!

Sometimes the fellow that is supposed to load your car can't make it that day.

Sometimes you might even oversleep and just can't get ready on time. Heaven forbid!

Sometimes the person that is supposed to pick you up and take you to the airport gets delayed or gets his signals mixed.

Sometimes the flight is canceled.

Well, this time everything on my trip home from Florida worked like clockwork.

A coupe of things really impressed me.

For example, when I got to Fort Lauderdale airport there was a long line of people, at the Jet Blue terminal, waiting to check their luggage. Before I knew it a staff member approached me. I told him that I had requested a wheelchair and like magic there it was! He got me through security one, two three.

That way I don't have a long walk which I would find difficult. My heavy laptop is placed on my lap and before I know it I'm on the plane heading home.

This was the first time that there was a cat on my flight. The poor thing was so frightened it meowed for the longest time, finally it fell asleep or calmed down and I didn't hear another meow for the rest of the flight.

Once I got home I checked my messages and surprise, surprise, the company that I ship my car with called and arranged to deliver my car the very next day!

Even though I had gotten up very early that morning I was on a high, not tired one bit. My friend took me out to dinner and then I did some food shopping. Still on a high!!

When the car was delivered I had my maintenance man unload the car for me. Every season when I come back from Florida he wants to know if I met "Mr. Wonderful." Every year I tell him "no."

This year he said, "they should be running after you."

I said, "they can't run!"

After all the hard work I did, packing up, cleaning up, making all the arrangements to get back home, it's no wonder that I am very happy to be home again!!!

Welcome home, Millie!!!!! Don't ya just love it when things go well?
Welcome home! Glad to hear that all went well on your trip back home. : )
The return home sounded ideal. You can be happy about that. Good to know you are back safe and sound.
Hi Millie,
WELCOME HOME.........I'm glad you're happy to be home in Massachusetts however I'm even more happy to have you back where you belong. HOME

It feels wonderful when plans go smoothly as planned. The stress disappears and Sunshine comes into your life!

I!m here at the apple store looking at an Apple store !

Having fun with all the young kids!!

No place like home.
So happy all went well.
I am so excited after seeing your blog.

Airport Parking
You lead a charmed life, Millie. My experience usually follows Murphy's Law. Whatever can go wrong will.
Glad to hear everything went well on your trip home. Expect you've been busy catching up on everything you'll fill us in on sooner or later. Didja get an "apple"?
Hi Joared

You are right, I have been busy not only catching up with a few other "doings." Sooner than later I'll be filling you all in with what Millie has been up to!!

I did visit the Apple store to see what's new. Still using my old computer and that's the way it's going to be.

What impressed me with that visit was the number of youngsters that were there!
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