Monday, May 14, 2012
It can be a challenge to find a restaurant on a special day that is good, not busy or noisy. Leave it to Steve and Carol to find a place that is everything you want in fine dining.

Whenever they take me on a mystery ride it turns out to be an unusual place that I would never have the opportunity to experience.

They have surprised me in the past with a visit to Brutole, which never disappoints. Even though it was Mother's Day the restaurant was pleasantly occupied, no hustle bustle, with a relaxed atmosphere.

Happy Mothers Day @milliegarfield

We shared an appetizer, "Beets."


When it was served to us it looked like a luscious dessert! Even the people at the next table wanted to know what "it" was. What a fun way to get your vegies!!

I ordered the potato chip encrusted haddock with asparagus risotto - out of this world.

Potato Chip Encrusted Haddock cc @jimmyfallon


Image: Brooksby Village

While in Florida this winter I recognized that it is getting harder and harder to keep going back and forth and as much as I enjoy it when I'm there, it's time to "stay put" up North.

I recently saw a unit at Brooksby Village that might be suitable.

Mother's Day was a good time for Steve and Carol to take a look. They both agreed that this is something to consider.


Even though the real estate market is not what I would like, will put my condo up at a price for 30 days and see what happens.

Now you know why I said, "A Unique Mother's Day."

It sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers Day! : ) My children and I went to a placed called Wild West City, in Stanhope NJ. We all dressed up like cowboys and had so much fun. : )
Crystal Lynn
Glad you had such a nice Mother's Day.

This Erikson Retirement Community you visited looks quite nice as I surfed over their website -- similar to the type of communities I serve with a few differences.

I wonder if they have free wireless throughout the Community? One of my Communities just went through having Verizon FIOS installed for wireless all over the entire campus and in buildings including their health center. This would be a plus for you with blogging.

FWIW also our Wellness Center for the more active people from all levels, especially those living independently, has a computer room for those without their own technology. Some residents are members of our city 200+ computer club -- so they help others adapting to new technology, troubleshooting, etc.

Can understand your decision to settle in somewhere and discontinue those Florida trips. Can sometimes be difficult to know when to make these relocating decisions. Have wondered sometimes if I should sell this house and move to condo or elsewhere, but then keep thinking I can live independently here. We'll see. Sounds like you're making the right decision for you now.
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After many weeks of fruitless attempts to reach your site I finally connected! I want to tell you how much I like your latkes. I've been making them often since you first gave the recipe and they are always wonderful, especially, as you said, when cooked in lots of oil. Thank you!

Hope my connection problem has been resolved; I always enjoy your blog.
Hi Milly - haven't commented before - but your comment on 'heavy laptop' on trip back from Florida made me want to tell you about my ipad - bought to replace heavy laptop when travelling regularly - it has proved a real bonus -so portable - I watch videos, read books, email and write with it while I am travelling - you might want to consider it before abandoning Florida! Just a thought - Jeanette
Your fish and asparagus risotto looks delicious, Millie. I would have loved that!! We had Japanese food on Mother's Day; filet, shrimp and scallops. It was wonderful!
I can easily identify with you on travel becoming too tiring. I usually go to see my daughters and granddaughters in the summer, but no more. I just want the comfort of my own home.
Nice pictures you have here! It is a nice picture of a home. I liked the colors and the designs that you have captured here.
Millie, enjoyed reading about your Mother's Day. I had most of my children and grandchildren - it was rare but happened since my grandson just graduated from Vanderbilt and most of family was near.
I cooked - probably my last time
but wanted it to be a gift to them.
I like the looks of the retirement home. None here in the country
and I have thoughts that it will be sooner then I think of maybe making a change. Other option just help here in my country cottage.
Always enjoy reading what you share.
Good luck on the condo sale...
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