Thursday, June 21, 2012


The other day Steve and I looked at few more apartments at Brooksby Village.

One of them seems like it would be just right for me. It's a one bedroom with a pass through kitchen just like what I have now.

I like that set-up - it makes the area look larger and lets the natural light in.

Another highlight is that when I look out of the windows I see a beautiful courtyard which is a short walk to one of the clubhouses. If the weather is inclement I would be able to walk through the building and get to my destination.

This unit has a recessed balcony which I didn't have on my "must" list but certainly looks inviting!

Image: Floor Plan

This is all well and good but nothing is easy. As a matter of fact there are a number of factors that are making this purchase and sale challenging to say the least!

If it weren't for Steve and Carol I would have thrown in the towel long ago. They know I want to make this change and with their help it just might happen - sooner or later.

I hope it's sooner.


Three years after I became a widow I put my house up for sale and moved into a condo.

Emotionally it was hard - I had to figure out where and when I was ready to make the move.

Selling the house and buying the condo went well - when I look back now - it really was a piece of cake.

This time there are many issues that have to be worked out and hopefully it will all work out in the end.

Time will tell!!

It does look like a promising home Millie. If this is your choice I hope all goes well in getting it.
It looks lovely!
Fingers crossed for you.
Millie, love this floor plan and am going to copy. Wish there was something available very close to my rural home...
Thank you and good luck. Love the picture of you.
Looks really nice, Millie. Will be thinking of you and hope this project wraps up for you soon. Sounds like patience is the name of the game.
i am glad that as you age you are not afraid of challenge and change. Good luck!
Living someplace is like a relationship, isn't it? You size up the other person, you see a few of their flaws, but you also see the promise of what might make it fun. At different points in our life, we choose to settle, or we decide we will only have it our way, etc.

I wish you blessings and I know you'll turn this into your own magical place.
Looks like a beautiful place and the floor map makes it seem like you'll have plenty of room.

I'm sure this must be a tough thing to do and reading about the other changes over the years really touched my heart.

You'll be fine and we all know that it is the people who live in a place that make it what it is.

Big hugs to you today on this big decision! *hugs*
Millie,It looks like a perfect set up with a beautiful view. Best of luck and we can't wait to visit you in your new home.
Marie & Paul

I have been following your search and I am so glad you have found your home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

much love!

Kathryn Jones
Gee, you're looking great! You look right at home. Best of luck.
Cop Car
How exciting Millie! Looks like a beautiful place. Great area to take walks when Steve and Carol come to visit. So happy for you!
It looks great! I wanna live there.
I wouldn't mind living there myself and the balcony may prove to be a wonderful addition!!
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