Sunday, June 03, 2012
Last week my condo was put on the market! My realtor suggested that I have a special calender available to list appointment times. At first I thought she was kidding but the interest has been exceptional!!

As of this moment there have been four showings and tomorrow four more people will be "looking."

Usually I keep the condo picked up but do not put the spread on the bed, it's heavy and I choose not to, but in this case it's worth the effort.

When I do relocate, I'll be downsizing and have to get rid of lots of things, especially clothes which I haven't worn in a very long time.

I did work on my "maybe closet" recently, by the time I got through there were plenty of empty hangers!!

Just yesterday when Steve and Carol were here we worked on some fun stuff.

I don't know about you but I have a special dresser draw with old costume jewelry that I don't wear any more but never considered giving them away or selling at a yard sale.

Each piece has special memories which I shared with them. Doing that helped me part with pieces that could be a good twenty five years old or older.

I tried on some clip earrings that were my favorites, wore them for a while and if they didn't hurt, they're still keepers! I should get in touch with "Mad Men" and see if they could use some of my oldies on their show which takes place in the 60's!

Looks like Mad Men style

Mom's Mod Earrings!

Steve and Carol were very impressed with how I have organized my jewelry. I like to see what I have so what I have done for years is keep my pieces in ice cube trays and muffin tins.

My Mom's Earring Organizer: Cup Cake Tin

My Mom's Jewelry Organizers: Ice Cube Trays

My Mom's Earring Cup Cake Tray

It works great for me. Oh, and I use a cutlery tray for beads and necklaces.

I have a lot more to do, much bigger projects which won't be fun like the "trip down memory lane" but somehow with time and help it will happen.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions on how to make the move go smoothly to help the move be as stress free as possible. Is that really possible?

Thanks for lending an ear and your moral support!

What great idea for keeping the earrings handy and visible You are a very clever lady. I'm sure you will do well with the move. I'll keep checking on your progress.
Looking forward to seeing more blog entries about your adventures.....
First - what a great idea for keeping your jewelry neat, tidy and available.

You're doing it exactly right, Millie, by starting now to sort everything into yes, no and maybe. Just be careful about how big the maybe piile becomes.

When I needed to reduce the amount of my stuff, I found that taking photos of the heartbreakers made it easier to let go of them. Don't laugh, but a couple of those photos are of kitchen equipment I had enjoyed using for many years but hardly hauled out of the back of the cupboard anymore.

Don't wear yourself out. Do a little each day. Of course, that's easy when you need to keep the apartment tidy for showings.

That was the hardest part for me - having it as neat as a hotel room all the time. I made a deal with the agent that I would need 24 hours notice for showings and that worked fine.

Good luck. Keep us informed about what's going on.
I hope you're not moving far away! Will you stay in your same town? To make moving easier, I think this: the movers are doing the really hard work, not me. No need to stress.
Oh Millie!

Such a big decision! Steve and Carol are going to have to find a new excuse to go to Florida in the winter. I just realized that I've been reading your blog since your 80th birthday and now your 86! Gosh - time flies! I think you should keep the costume jewelry around a bit longer. You get pleasure from looking at it. Aside from the earrings that pinch a bit, I think you should start wearing it more often.
I know who might like to get your old jewelry - drama clubs and theater groups. They love old clothing and accessories to have in their wardrobes.

Good luck on the move.
Millie, thank you for the earring idea. I built a small home and moved 3 years ago. I had the luxury of doing it over a few months and did a little at a time.
I hope and pray I know the right time to make a move like you are doing. Good Luck..
Sounds like you have a good handle on the move. Yes, I have all my costume jewelry accumulated through my life time. Years ago I pierced my ears and quite wearing any of it, so don't know why I've kept it -- sentimentality, I guess.

I've moved several times, including across country but have never really downsized. I did finally donate my lovely woolen and knit clothes from snow country winters which would have been great for "Mad Men." Little theatre groups costume departments a great idea I should have remembered from my days with one. I should start sorting more items, kitchen, etc., now so as not to leave the chore to my children.

Check SchmidleyScribbins -- she and husband went to a retirement community downsizing session as they're exploring moving. She said, they were told, "Your children don't want your things -- get rid of them." (my comment is -- get rid of the things, not your children, in case the message is unclear!) *grin*
Years ago, perhaps 20 years before my mother died, I took a bunch of her costume jewelry that she no longer wore (and a bit of my own) and made a wreath of them on dark green velvet (in her case - for Christmas), edged with gold braiding. I used a fancy old wooden frame (you know the sort - sculpted with scrolls and such) that I painted with slightly sparkly gold paint to surround it. It is totally kitsch, but Mom hung it over their fireplace each Christmas.
For the past 18 years, I've hung the display during the holidays, even though I am not a Christian, in memory of mom.
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