Friday, August 17, 2012

It was just fourteen days ago today that I moved into Brooksby Village. As the days went by I found what fits where and what I needed to make the place feel like "home."

Birthday Daisy Photo On Canvas

Today was the first day that I am staying home all day.

I did laundry, paid bills, did a bank statement and even had a nap. With everything that I had to do and think about I haven't had a nap in a very long time.

This was the FIRST day since I moved in that I really feel like this is "home."

The pictures are not hung, there is more to be done about placement of furniture, but it's comfortable and I pretty much know where things are.

A few things are "among the missing" but I'm sure they are here somewhere!

One day last week had a descision to make: Should I go to the market and shop for some staples or attend a class in "Chi Gong" which is the ancient art of gentle movement.

"Gentle" sounded good to me so I skipped the market, went to the class, and met a very nice lady who had recently moved to Brooksby too. We can help each other find the in's and out's of this large community!

My mother's words came to mind that day, "If you don't go out, nothing happens."


If you told me one year ago that I would be living in a retirement community I would have said, "you must be kidding me., it's not going to happen!"

But here I am celebrating another birthday in my new home.

In previous years, Steve and Carol have taken me on mystery rides, places that were unique, towns that I would enjoy but not able to get to on my own.

This year was different. They came here and brought lots of wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

I'll just tell you about one that was especially thoughtful.

Wherever I have lived in my adult life I've had a print or photo of Van Gogh's Sunflowers.

Even when I rented a condo in Florida, a Sunflowers print hung in my bedroom.

Now I have a Sunflower that is on my bathroom wall. I couldn't hang anything on that wall because the bathroom door closes on that wall so a framed glass print was out of the question.

Steve had a remedy for that! He found something that looks like it's framed but it's not. It fills up the wall nicely.

Easy Apply Wall Sticker Painting - Sunflowers, Vincent Van Gogh
Easy Apply Wall Sticker Painting - Sunflowers, Vincent Van Gogh

I have my sunflower and no worry about breaking the glass!

We were so busy doing so many things that when it came to dinner time I suggested we pick up a "meal to go" at one of Brooksby's casual restaurants.

We took it home, had a feast.

To Go Spread lit by new LED Desk Lamp

Brooksby Village Meal To-Go

Now Steve and Carol know what I am talking about when I say, "the food is good, generous, and enough left over for lunch or even dinner the next day!

As a matter of fact, I'm having dinner at home tonight, all I have to do is heat it up!

The wall decal is brilliant! My eyes were tricked by it, it certainly looks like it's in a frame. Dinner looks nice too!
Your dinner looks absolutely delicious and very well balanced also. I love the picture you clever son found. Each addition to you new home just makes it more your.

Glad you have your sunflowers! Dinner looks good. Sounds like you're really getting settled in. Am sure you'll have lots of new experiences to share.
Happy Birthday, Millie!
Happy Birthday, Millie!*iiiiiiiii" And the food looks wonderful! Dee
Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear Millie, Happy Birthday To Youuuuuuuuu!
-from Renee
Happy Birthday, I see you are settling in nicely. I too love Van Gogh. I wonder if you have a jigsaw puzzle of one of his paintings. Much fun to work. Dianne
Have a simply, wonderful Birthday, Millie!
Happy 87th Birthday, and many many happy returns! - from Jean
Happy birthday, dearest Millie. Glad to know you have your favourite flowers on the wall! Trust Steve and Carol to find the appropriate present.
Looks very nice, my husband and I had a tour of Brooksby and liked it very much. We are not ready to move yet - but then - when is one ever really "ready" and need to clear up and clean up our home.
Perhaps I can come visit you sometime as I live fairly close by in MA.
would love to visit you at Brooksby - my husband and I have done a tour and when we are ready to sell out house - we would consider moving there.
I'm glad your move was so successful. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Millie! You are more
radiant than Van Gogh's sunflowers!
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Ronni Bennett is so thoughtful remembering your birthday and reminding our TGB community of your special day! We met at BlogHer 2004, and I will always remember your fun, upbeat style. Your devoted son came, too. ♫♫♫ ¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¨♪Happy birthday, dearest Millie*¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*♥ ♫♫♫ and many more*¨*♫♫♫*¨*

Wishing you good health, vibes, relationships, decisions, blog posts, and surprises.

Love, Tamar (in Tel Aviv)
Happy Birthday dear Millie. You are something special to us all.
Happy Birthday, Millie!!! And happy new home!!!!

You know that I usually put up a post in honor of your natal day but my computer has been misbehaving and it's slower than molasses in January and I'm pretty buried with my volunteer work with Obama. (sigh)

Sooooooooo instead I'm dedicating
said work to you today because we old gals need our Social Security and Medicare!!!

Love and bundles of hugs!!!!!!

Welcome to the 87 club, Millie. Happy, Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on your new home. I am so happy that you made the right decision.
Happy birthday wishes to ya!
Hi-I love your new place. I am 60 and disabled to a degree and we live in independent living. We have an entry door similar to yours and we decorate that too. Love your sunflowers :) I like paintings and he is my favorite painter. I love the pics of those gorgeous meals and that you get to enjoy them. I also love that you are so involved with the new community. I have trouble being anything but introverted. So I do appreciate your quote from you Mom. The one that went something like this " if you never go out, nothing ever happens". Happy Birthday. I love your blog. Jessie
Happy Birthday, Millie. Many, many more.

Happy Birthday, Millie.

I enjoyed reading about your move and congratulate you on changing homes so cheerfully and gracefully.

I hope you will always be as happy at Brooksby Village as you seem to be today.

I know you from the Elder Storytelling Place.
Happy Happy Bday Millie! (and the
1st in your new home) hanks to Ronni at TGB I've discovered your lovely writings. I'll be back to visit more, read more, enjoy more of your wonderful posts!

Warm wishes to you
Best wishes for you birthday and the beginning of your new adventure!
Hello Millie, looks as if you have everything under control, best wishes to you for a very good year!
Wow! I want to live at Brooksby Village too!! Happy Birthday!!
Buon Compleanno (Happy Birthday) to you, Millie, from Florence, Italy, courtesy of a fan of Ronni Bennett's who has just taken a look at your great blog and saved it in her favorites for regular check-ins.
Have a wonderful day, week, month, year! AUGURI!
Happy B-Day!
I, too have move into a retirement community about a year ago and have enjoyed the activities and made friends and enjoy the activities.
Judy O
What a wonderful photo of you and the sunflowers. Wishes for a fantastic birthday month!
Happy Birthday, Millie. Your new home is looking great!

Much love...
Happy Birthday Millie!!

Enjoy this special day and have fun celebrating.

Love, Carol
I love the wee shelf by the door, so handy for keys, etc.

And that decal is wonderful!!

I am so happy to have found you.
Happy Belated Birthday! I'm only 62 but was surprised with a health challenge last year that limits my mobility. My husband and I have begun the conversation about how that changes our future plans. I look forward to learning more about your decisions.
Millie, Happy Birthday
and I am so pleased you
like your new home.
Wish I had food like that
near me :)
Good for you. The food looks great, but you look even better. Happy birthday. May your year bring you must joy as you settle into your new surroundings.
Happy Birthday, Millie---you are an inspiration to all of us! :)
Dear Millie, may you live until 120!
A very happy 87th in your new home!
Happy, happy birthday Millie! Have a wonderful year!
P.S. Today is my Godson's b-day too, so he's in good company. :)
Happy Birthday Millie and many more of them to enjoy your lovely new home.
Best Wishes from Australia
Happy Birthday. A big kiss from Paris, France
Thanks to all of you for your good wishes, hugs, kisses and great birthday wishes for the coming year in my new home.

Looking forward to making new friends and a cook-free life-style.

Making new friends will take some time but the "no cook-life style has now gone into effect!!! ;-)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Millie!! You had a good dinner; I hope that the one you are having tonight is even better!
Hi Millie. I heard it was your birthday via Ronni from Time Goes By. So, many happy returns from me.
Hi Millie,
Wishing you a Happy, Healthy Everyday!
The food looks great! No Shopping and No Cooking! You found Paradise in Brooksby Village.
Keep in touch!
Happy birthday, Millie, from Richmond, VA! You're quite an inspiration to all of us!
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