Monday, August 13, 2012
The project for the past week was, "finding where to put stuff, and making the most of the space that I have."

I've heard about people having to downsize and I knew that's what I was going to have to do.

After all, I was going from a spacious two bedroom condo to a one bedroom unit.

One of the big projects I had to do before moving was "figuring out what stuff to get rid of." That was a huge job and to this day, I'm still trying to whittle down what I brought here!!

This unit was listed as having "an extra large bedroom." I'd hate to see what an average bedroom looks like!

Fortunately my desk, computer and printer fit into the room!

Ok - that worked!

I do have a walk-in-closet, a hall closet, and a linen closet.

Mom Closet
Image: Walk In Closet

When I first moved in, things were jammed into the spaces that were available just to get them out of the way.

Finally a week has passed and I finally have found ways to make the most of the space I have!!

One thing I do have is lots of cabinets in my galley kitchen.

Now I ask you, "who needs all those cabinets in a kitchen were there will be very little cooking."

One morning I got up bright and early and couldn't wait to get out of bed.

I had a great idea - instead of jamming the bathroom cabinet drawers and linen closet with surplus items, "why not put those things in a kitchen cabinet and use the bathroom drawers for more important things like toilet paper?"
Taking those surplus items out of the linen closet made more room for the towels and linens that I have too much of anyway. I discovered that I have way to many large bath towels and hand towels. "More stuff to get rid of."

This downsizing seems to be an ongoing project!!

With the help of a good friend of mine we worked on the walk-in-closet and one of the things we did was place my shoes on a shoe rack, on the floor, rather than they way I had them in my condo, up on shelves.

A miracle happened "we made more shelf space!!!

As a side note I must tell you that when I purchased the shoe rack I did not realize that it had to be PUT TOGETHER.

As Yul Brenner said in "The King and I" -"it was a puzzlement" When my friend opened the box, the nuts, screws and bolts came tumbling out.

I never thought she'd be able to put it together, but she did!!!

What we accomplished that day made me feel so good, that I still find myself looking in the linen closet, walk-in-closet, and kitchen drawers, with a smile of satisfaction on my face. ;-)

Millie, I am so enjoying your tale of the BIG move. We are in a house and my thought is that we will go into a condo as you did before your move to your new home. You are providing an invaluable service to those following in your footsteps. Dianne in Virginia
You have inspired me. I am going through my closets and donating excess furniture to a goodwill store. It feels nice to clear some clutter. Glad your move is going well. Keep the posts coming!
Millie, you are making me realize it is time for another big clean out here. It will have to wait until Sept., since my daughter's wedding is in 12 days!
You're just as clever and full of good ideas as any of the other bloggers who cover the subject of organizing your home!

Keep writing...
You are doing good.
Proud of you.
I am continually donating or
giving away and drawers, shelves and closet still full :)
Some great ideas for adapting to storage space when you don't have it where you want it. We have to put everything together any more. Probably saves the mfg money making buyers do it. Just be glad you weren't buying a car, think how hard that would be to put together! (Sorry, I'm in my silly seventies.)

Couldn't help wondering who designed the rooms -- at the risk of sounding sexist, a man? Most of the older women with whom I come in contact plan to do little cooking if they've done a lot of it much of their lives. They'd rather have a smaller more compact kitchen and more space elsewhere -- say in their bedroom, bathroom, or living area.

Maybe women who've worked a lot and never had time for much cooking look forward to doing so in retirement, and might think differently. That may be the generations after yours and followed by mine.

You're going to have to catch up on some movies. I think you'd like Meryl Streep's latest, "Hope Springs." Fasten your seat belt when you see that one, but it's okay to giggle.
What a clever woman you are. When problems must be solved you are tackling it with some wise and successful methods!
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