Saturday, September 15, 2012
Before I start a new post about "FOOD" I would like to respond to two comments that I received last week.

"One Woman's Journey" said that I have given her food for thought about retirement living. She's far from ready but is finding my experiences in this retirement community interesting. As a matter of fact she said that there is a Brooksby Village in a big city near where her children live.

Even though she's not ready I think it would be a good idea when she visits her family in the "Big City" to make a visit and get acquained with the many amenities an Erickson community like Brooksby has to offer.

There is so much to know, you can't absorb it all in just a few visits. I speak from experience.

I too smiled when I read what "Shirley" said about not eating the chocolate pie.

"If any of you have read the book or seen "The Help" you will understand why she was smiling!!!


Image: Steve in Tub

When Steve was a little fellow one day I had the following conversation with him:

Steve: Ma, I want more.

Me: What do want more of?

Steve: I WANT MORE!"

Me: I don't understand, tell me again - what do want more of?

(at this point he was getting upset because he wasn't getting his
message across)

Then, he pointed to the refrigerator and I knew what he wanted!

I realized that he thought the word for MILK was MORE because I was always asking him if he wanted MORE!

That's it for this week!

Next week there will be more! ;-)

L'shanah tova!
More is good. Enough is better. Dianne
Millie, I smile you wrote about my comment. I love my country cottage and a dream come true of relocating back home. But being a planner and when I do not feel all that full of energy with so much to do - I begin to wonder. Hopefully I can stay put :)
Pretty close -- he got the "m" sound! Yeah, that was the part of the movie I didn't like -- suppose it was in the book -- but a bit much for me and I'm no prude.
That bit in The Help is just hilarious - you can see it coming and you kind of want to stop it but at the same time it's too funny.
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