Thursday, September 27, 2012
Today I'm changing my name from Millie to Pauline.

Usually I have all kinds of good stuff to write about, today's post is going to have a different slant.

For a few weeks now I've have been experiencing pain when I walk, stand or even sit.

It was time to see a doctor.

To make a long story short my diagnosis, after x-rays and some poking around was "an acute inflammatory condition related to arthritis of the spine."

We tried a cortisone shot, Aleve and cold packs - nothing helped.

Finally the doctor called in a prescription for a 6 pack of Prednisone which I assumed would be filled and delivered to my apartment.

When I called the pharmacy to confirm the order, she informed me that they could not deliver the medication to me because I needed to COME IN and present my insurance card as this was the first time I was doing business with them.

I explained my situation, I was in no condition to GET THERE, not by foot or by car!

"No, she said, "I had to come in."

I was anxious to get started with the prednisone and hopefully get some relieve.

"No, she was not going to do anything for me.

The next morning, I called again.

This time a different salesperson answered the phone.

I explained my situation and this time she said, "give me the information on your insurance card and we will deliver the medication to you.


That was about 9:00 AM.

Package did not arrive until 4:30 PM.

I started taking the medication the next morning.

Or tried to take it. See how it says, "To remove tablet, press from this side.' I pressed but nothing came out.

I couldn't open it!

So I turned the package around and opened it from behind. ;-)

This is day two since I started taking the 6 pack.

I feel some relief today. Hopefully by the time I finish the series of pills they will do the trick.

There are other perils of Pauline to tell you about but that's all Pauline wants to chew your ear off about at this time!

So very sorry Millie about your pain. Chronic pain is very difficult to deal with, I know. Years ago I had lingering back pain which began to depress me no end. I tried analgesics and exercise and therapy after months it finally went away. Arthritis is a tough beast, but with your good humor and the meds I am hoping you should be feeling better soon.
Hopefully your medication will help relieve the pain for you. Take it easy and keep us informed how it goes.
Prednesone is a wonder drug. I have arthritus and sometimes this is the only medication to give me relief. Lucky it has been 10 months since I have had to take it.
With Sjogrens syndrome seems a lot going on with my body at this time of life comes and goes.
I am so sorry this is happening and take care of yourself...
Dear Pauline. Do you have any idea what set off this flare-up? I live in great fear of something similar and want to avoid it. Is there anyway to do that.


That's a million dollar question! You should ask your doctor and see what he has to say about it.

All I know is: Eat a balanced meal, exercise and avoid stress. Oh, and drink lots of water and watch your weight.

With all that said, I think you just have to plain lucky!


Millie, Methylprednisolone is a very powerful steroid anti-inflammatory. You should be feeling some relief after just a few doses. When you are feeling better, I hope you will call and speak to the manager of the pharmacy so that the staff coulsd be better trained in how to handle situations such as yours.
Hi, Millie, Back when you announced moving to a retirement community, I wondered how that might change your perspective. Now I see we can depend on your nudging manufacturers about making it too hard to open ANYTHING.

It's good to have another Elderblogger writing from a retirement community. Are we the only ones? Mine in Portland, Oregon, is unusual since there's no meal requirement though there is a restaurant. Some elect to eat most of their lunches and dinners there. Residents have been working to update the selections.

It's a challenge for the person in charge to meet the tastes of a population that ranges from late sixties to 90-plus!

Hope the pills relieve the pain. yours, naomi
I was sorry to hear that you had to put up with such indifference to your pain. I hope you are feeling better now.
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