Saturday, September 08, 2012

Thank goodness the "Food Plan" at Brooksby Village includes one meal a day. I can use it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I don't eat much for breakfast or lunch, so dinner is what works for me.

The dining rooms open at 4:00 p.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. As I've mentioned before, those are early hours for me but I have to go with the flow. It appears to me that most people are happy with these hours.

The residents plan their time accordingly.

Depending on the evening - some play canasta, mah jongg, bridge, black jack or bingo.

Some nights a movie is shown after 7:00 p.m.

If there is anyone who is reading this blog and considering a move to a retirement community, I would strongly recommend they learn how to play "some game." People are always looking for someone who "can play."

A recent change in the "meal plan" now gives the residents more options.

You have heard the expressions, "if you don't use it, you lose it." Well that's the way it was!

Now, if during the month you do not use the daily meal that you are entitled to, you can have a guest join you for a meal, anytime during that month.


Last night before I got seated in the dining room I checked out the "display table" which shows you what is being served for dinner.

None of the items looked good to me.

I made a comment to a fellow diner about how unappealing the dishes looked and said, "they should make those plastic samples look more appealing to us."

He informed me that those dishes were "the real thing!

He went on to explain that they looked "tired" because they were sitting around for a long time.

No matter, they still did not appeal to me. Management knows that can happen sometimes so they always have some standard dishes that you can always count on.

That's what I had last night - clam chowder, a salad, broiled salmon, a baked potato and steamed carrots. You can't go wrong with a meal like that!

Chocolate pie was on the menu but I just had some sherbet and a cookie. My friends teased me about that!

Would you believe I've lost six pounds since I've been here - it must be all the walking I've been doing, and not eating those rich desserts.

Wow that certainly does sound like a healthy yet very appealing meal. Your new home sounds like a pretty nice place to live.
I would probably pass on the chocolate pie too. I think you are settling in nicely to your new abode. I have friends in retirement places who always complain about the food, no matter what it is. Your dinner sounded pretty good to me!
Desserts can do it everytime. I wouldn't eat the chocolate pie. Now if it were coconut custard, that would be different. I am nuts about coconut. Dianne
I would eat desert anytime other then a meal - my bad habit - but no weight problem. Your sharing is helpful to me as I think about future. So far it is a lot less expensive for me to live in my country cottage if I can keep up with the outside work and handle the isolation. There is a Brooksby
Village in the big city near some of my children...
Millie, thank you for telling us about the retirement community. I am considering a move to one and appreciate reading about your experience.
Great advice, knowing how to play something. I am just 54 but I will work on that!

Millie! 6 lbs! Make sure you are eating enough!
I just came across your blog and it's great to see someone living in a retirement community and sharing their experience about it.

I get so much down to earth info here. Thanks Millie.
I had to laugh when I read "chocolate pie". After reading "The Help", I'd have passed on the chocolate pie as well. Did you read the book or see the movie so you know what I mean?
Your reactions and descriptions of your experience are really interesting, I think. While my intent is to live in place in my home, as I've probably mentioned previously, I do sometimes have second thoughts. Besides having some knowledge of the places I have worked and more recently served, I find hearing about others elsewhere very informative.

Despite the best efforts for variation, and even in the best of circumstances, I think over time there can seem be a certain sameness about dining room foods, but the meal you chose sounds quite good.

One of the hallmarks of a more desirable retirement community would be one offering alternate dining choices (something more than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, though some will ask for that) if someone doesn't like what is being featured at any given meal. Sounds like you have desirable choices.

I would be in big trouble with most of the games you mention, especially if there's little tolerance for beginners. I played canasta and pinocle fifty years or so ago, but don't recall doodley squat about either one now; bridge popular at facility here but I never played that either. Will be interested in any other activities in which you engage.

Assume you welcomed the weight loss and it was healthy for you to lose those pounds. Yeah, I wouldn't have cared for the chocolate pie either. Sweets are known to be more attractive as we get older, partly because for some of us our taste buds may become less sharp, but tend to respond more to sweet and it's opposite.(Doesn't mean that will be true for you or everybody.)
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