Saturday, October 27, 2012
Into every life a little rain must fall, and so it was with me last week.

I had the greatest time eating just what I wanted.

Forget the NO sodium,  NO high cholesterol, NO fried foods, and NO eating that wonderful white bread!

It all happened very gradually.

I didn't realize the track I was taking, but as time went on I became aware that I was having FUN eating.

It started at dinner one evening when none of the featured menu items appealed to me.  That rarely happens, but when it does there is always a dish like an omelet, broiled fish, chicken, or grilled hamburger available.

Image: Hambuerger by memoflores CC

I not only chose the hamburger, I had some delicious french fries with it!

Of course you have to have a pickle and some coleslaw to top it all off.

Boy, that meal was a real treat!

Egg Salad Sandwich
Image: Egg Salad Sandwich by Lakenvelder CC

The next afternoon I decided to have an egg salad sandwich for lunch.

Years ago the word was that too many eggs were not good for you so I cut down on "egg eating."

Now "they" changed their tune and are saying that eggs are good for you, so maybe that lunch shouldn't be in the cheating group.

Bread Toasts
Image: Bread Toasts by FrancoisRoche CC

Last, but certainly not least - "white bread."

If there was a love of my life department it would be "white bread."  The kind that when you toast it, it comes out crisp.

For years now I've been buying whole wheat bread, paying big bucks for it because it's supposed to be better for you.

I've tried many different brands of wheat bread and haven't found any that I enjoy eating.

I recently went into a neighborhood market that was having a sale on WHITE BREAD - a large loaf for $1.29.

How could I resist?

When I toast that bread, it tastes like how I remember white bread tasted when I was a child!!

Oh, happy day!!!

Now that's worth cheating for!!

Have you cheated recently?

Everything in moderation I say. Even the fat stuff. My recent cheese mushroom soup means I have to be really moderate for a while.
I had potatoes, squash and chicken sausage, with a bagel with cheese and jelly for breakfast. I'm full!
Millie, I cheat all the time, but in moderation. Life is not worth living if we have to follow rules all the time, especially food rules. Besides, if you wait long enough, they will change the rules again. (see eggs!)
Like Kenju I 'cheat' a lot. I have gone through periods when food was fuel. How sad to not enjoy anything. You have to watch the things you eat for health reasons but a step off the path is good for the soul!!!!!!
Like Kenju I 'cheat' a lot. I have gone through periods when food was fuel. How sad to not enjoy anything. You have to watch the things you eat for health reasons but a step off the path is good for the soul!!!!!!
I've been cheating since March on ice cream, cookies and Thai food. A knee injury in aqua fit class slowed me down to where I wasn't exercising much -- actually down to no exercise at all, consequently I've gained more pounds than I care to admit. Cheating was fun while it lasted but I'm ready to stop the madness, or at least cheat like Kenju said in moderation, and start a walking routine.
Mayo Clinic: Are chicken eggs good or bad for my cholesterol?

"Chicken eggs are high in cholesterol, and a diet high in cholesterol can contribute to high blood cholesterol levels. However, how much the cholesterol in your diet can increase your blood cholesterol varies from person to person. Although eating too many eggs can increase your cholesterol, eating four egg yolks or fewer on a weekly basis hasn't been found to increase your risk of heart disease."
You reminded me of white bread toast. Whole wheat just does not toast the way I like it. Also been eating veggie burgers and I need a real hamburger.
Thanks for reminding me :)
How many of your doctors have you outlived? I say eat what you like.
Cheating once in a while won't kill you. White bread is not that bad if it is a good brand. In other words, not all breads are created equal. Dianne
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