Sunday, October 21, 2012
Most of the time we take the weather for granted but when you get a day in mid October that's sunny, in the high 70's, it's more like a day that you would experience in early September, it's really special.

I had that kind of a day recently.

I took full advantage of it by just plain sitting out  on my patio, sharing the sun and a glass of wine with my daughter in-law.

What could be better than that?

Well, -  maybe sitting on a lounge chair at the beach watching the waves, smelling the ocean water and feeling the sun on me.

That's not going to happen so "just plain sitting outside" was an A+ experience!

That same evening I had a delicious dinner at the clubhouse - didn't have to make it, didn't have to clean up afterwords , all I had to do was enjoy it and I sure did!

This afternoon I drove to a store just a short distance from where I live and finally was able to take care of a few things that "have been waiting for my attention."

My body has not been cooperating with my head for a few months now and I've been limited in what I've  been able to do BUT finally yesterday and today I'm feeling more like my "old self."

I don't know why I'm feeling better. Maybe it's the fact that I've been resting more, maybe it's because I've been using hot instead of cold compresses, whatever it is, it feels very good to feel like my "old self."

I have to end this post by saying, "TO BE CONTINUED."

"GET IT?" ;-)

What are your simple pleasures?

Like you just sitting and being in the moment no matter where it is...crazy loud family reunion or alone on a bench on a path in the woods. Being in the moment is a great pleasure to me these days.
To be continued is what I want to read every time I come to visit Millie. To feel somewhat like your old self is a great gift and I want to read how that happens a lot for you.
Millie, I there with Tabor.
Just being in the moment. This Fall is so beautiful and I can sit on my deck in the sun and just be.
Take care....
Hi Millie,

My Mom told me that you weren't feeling well...glad to hear that you seem to be doing better.

Mark L
I haven't been to visit for awhile, but glad to hear you are feeling better. You look great in the photo and very, very, relaxed.

Hmmm Is this after a little red wine? You know the kind they all say is good for us.
I'm glad you are starting to feel like your old self again. I like your old self. :-)
I hate to exercise and always have to force myself to move around. Lazy, in other words. My favorite recreation is sitting in my recliner, reading a book (or now my Kindle.)

Sitting on my deck with a good book, as I did today. It was 76* and not a cloud in the sky. Then I took a short nap on my chaise in the dappled sun. It was wonderful. Glad you're feeling better.
I live in West Texas and discovered your blog after reading about it somewhere (that you were one of the oldest bloggers in the U.S.) Anyway, I have followed you to Florida for about three winters, shipping your car, etc. and the good movies to see. I always enjoy your blog and your Can't Open It videos. I can't open things either. I keep scissors and pliers in my kitchen. I am 78 with RA so my hands don't work very well. I don't write a blog, but love to read those of other people. Keep up the blog. And I am glad you are feeling better. I felt odd today myself and hope I feel better tomorrow.
You just experienced a move, which may be why you weren't feeling your old self. I moved back in February and, at 68 years of age, it took a toll on my body. It took some time for my bones to stop aching and my energy level to return. To answer your question, my simple pleasure is to luxuriate in a warm bubble bath.
Nice article, thanks for sharing with us.
David and I enjoy sitting on our former patio, now a screened porch watching the birds at the feeders. I am a bird nut and he is becoming one too. Dianne
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