Sunday, November 18, 2012
When you read this blog heading you just might think I mean "my beloved." Not in this case! What I'm refering to is my cleaning lady.

My First Home

The house that my husband and I lived in for many years needed to be painted periodically.  He was not about to paint it himself, so he went to the local paint store and asked them to recommend someone for the job.

What do you know, they recommended a "woman who turned out to do a better job than any man we ever had scrape and paint our house."  And that's a direct quote from my husband! 

Dad in the backyardMom in the backyard

As time went by I started to think that it would be nice if I could find a good cleaning lady to give me a hand with the housework.  I asked my house painter if she could recommend someone and she said, I would be happy to do that for you!

From that day forward she's been "my lady" - when I lived with my husband and son in our first home, when I lived  in my condo, and now in my apartment - we go way back and continue to share good times and sad times.

Now to tell you what prompted this post.

She's a fun person, open minded, interested in many things and very good company.

The other day when she was here on her monthly visit I invited her to join me for dinner at one of the casual dining rooms here at Brooksby Village.

She was delighted with the invitation but here she was in her "cleaning clothes."  Fortunately she had a change of clothes in her car, SO we got into her car, and she changed there!

That meant she had to take off what she was wearing and change into her "outfit."

What got us laughing was - what if an elderly gentleman (and there is no other kind here)  walked by and saw her pretty bare body, he just might have had a heart attack!!!

That didn't happen but it gave us a huge laugh!!!

Like I said, she's a fun lady so all in all we had a delicious dinner and a great time together!!

Do you have a cleaning person and are you happy with them?

Great pictures and story. I might have to go into the archives and see if I can find some pictures of the beautiful birch trees in the backyard.

Love it.
That's a funny story! If anyone had seen they could have imagined all sorts of things -- she could even have been arrested and they would have been wondering if you'd slipped a cog.
I have a man who has cleaned my house for the last 12 years. He does a wonderful job even moving my refrigerator out to clean under it twice a year. I love him second only to my husband.
Wonderful anecdote. A good cleaning woman who is also a good friend is a real treasure.
Yes, I have a cleaning lady named Ines and she'e the best. Loved your blog today. Dianne
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Goodness! I'm sorry to see that your blog is picking up so much spam these days. Terrible!
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